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Career Change Resume Tips

Career Change Resume Tips

BrendaBrenda asks, “I’ve just completed my marketing degree but have no experience in the field. I do have prior experience as a systems engineer. How can I present myself to potential companies?”

Great question! From what you’ve mentioned, your degree will be your primary selling point. So place “Education” before experience, and write about academic achievements, special projects, internships, marketing courses, and anything else that shows your solid academic foundation.

When describing your tech experience, think about the business benefit of your work, rather than getting bogged down describing technical details. As a systems engineer, did you solve any challenging problems that increased employee efficiency, enhanced productivity, saved time, saved money, etc?

It’s important to show your transferable skills when making a career change. Conduct research on your desired job target, learning the skills and credentials that employers find desirable in entry-level marketing professionals. You will find that you possess a number of skills or credentials that translate to your new goal. Your transferable skills will form the cornerstone of your resume, and you will need to downplay unrelated experience.

To draw attention to your main qualifications for your new goal, add a “Career Summary” section to your resume and indicate your key qualifications for your career change. It will also be important for your resume to have a clear career goal, otherwise you might be pegged as a systems analyst.

You can see examples of career change resumes in my book The Career Change Resume, or feel free to email me again if you have additional questions.

  • Tim

    As one who hires both new and experienced people I look at many qualities of the candidate. The specific degree has some impact but I am looking for someone with the tools necessary to perform the job. This includes communication skills, specific software competency, demonstrated ability to work with other people, enthusiasm and the ability to quickly learn new tasks. If you are pursuing a marketing position be able to demonstrate your creative abilities, communication skills and ability to adapt to changing requirements.