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Get a New Job in 2007: Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

Get a New Job in 2007: Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

If getting a new job in 2007 is one of your resolutions, you’re not alone. The cool site 43 Things (funded by currently ranks getting a new job as the 14th most popular New Year’s resolution. So what are you doing to make this happen? Here are three quick tips to finding a new job in 2007:1. Customize your resume and cover letter every time you send it out. Review the job ad or recipient’s requirements and modify your documents to prove that you’re a perfect fit for the job. Employers are accustomed to reviewing “generic” job search materials that don’t address their needs. Stand out from the crowd by showing that you understand and care about the employer’s goals, and have the qualifications and work ethic to be a star player.2. Network your way to a new job. It’s great if you are scouring the Internet or local newspaper for job opportunities, but very few positions are filled by online recruiting or help wanted ads. Instead, focus on networking and building relationships. Think about people in your industry or outsiders who may have a wife, husband, friend, or uncle in your field. Call each contact, and let them know that you are job hunting and would appreciate any leads. Attend industry events, contribute your knowledge to websites/industry blogs, and offer to help others who could use your assistance. Get yourself out there and leads will follow.3. Dedicate time to your search. The more time you spend job searching, the better your results will be. If your schedule is tight, don’t be afraid to seek administrative or resume preparation/distribution help. The IRS even offers a deduction for job search expenses if you’re staying in your field (check with your tax advisor for details). Free up time in your schedule for networking and follow-up efforts.These suggestions can be time consuming, but there’s no question that an aggressive job search will give you the best results. Good luck and let me know how your job search is progressing.

  • Christine

    Hey Kim,I loved this post, it helped give new life and prespective on an old resolution. It’s a great path for people to follow who are interested in looking for a new job, no matter what time of the year it is. I also thought of a good websiteto help job seekers learn more about a company he/she is interested in. I’m an intern for a research site that allows people to look at many company profiles for free so that an interviewee can get a better idea of what a company does or is about. It helps a lot with small talk at the beginning and helps with creating questions to ask the interviewer.Christine–Free company profiles on more than 45 million companies”(

  • Hi Christine – Thank you for your note, and for posting about the importance of researching employers. Job seekers who do their homework are always more prepared to show their “unique value proposition” when sending their resumes and at the interview stage. is an excellent starting point! – Best wishes, Kim