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FolioClick Design Folio


The FolioClick Design Folio service includes strategy, design, and development of a career folio that effectively represents you and helps you establish your online brand. The service includes:

  • Domain Strategy: Advice regarding domain name selection and site hosting if you don't already have a domain name or web host
  • Navigational Advice: Analysis of your background and recommendations for the best navigational structure for your folio
  • Site Design: Beautiful design and content insertion for up to 10 pages
  • Image Insertion: Insertion of custom images (such as your photo) for your site
  • Meta Content: Meta tag research and creation of meta content (e.g., name, title, keywords, and description) for search engine optimization
  • Form Development: Development of an inquiry form so visitors can easily get in touch with you, including scripting for confirmation messages that users receive
  • Resume Downloads: Options for users to download your resume in Word, PDF, and/or plain-text format

FolioClick Design Folio


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