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A Bad Resume is an Emergency if You Want a Job

A Bad Resume is an Emergency if You Want a Job

Without proper training, would you install your own security system, change the brakes on your family vehicle, or suture a loved one’s serious injury? Of course not. You know that you don’t have the training or qualifications to complete these life-or-death tasks effectively.

When security and safety are at stake, we seek professional help. Other times, we are tempted to cut corners. Many of us have become avid do-it-yourselfers, and this is certainly true for resume writing. Why spend money to hire a pro when you can download a template or write your own? Well, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t. Here are just a few examples of frequently seen errors on homegrown resumes:

  • You look cookie-cutter. It may seem like an easy way to update your resume, but resumes developed from templates are a dime a dozen. They get lost in the shuffle. On the other hand, a resume professional can create a design that helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • Your age is showing. Whether the issue is that you could be seen as too old or too young, it’s not good if prospective employers are judging you based on your age. A talented resume expert knows how to showcase your talents and downplay any age-related issues.
  • Bad choice for resume length. In the resume world, size matters. If your resume reads like an epic novel or there is barely enough information to make a hiring decision, your resume’s length could be holding you back. A resume writer will carefully consider your career history and goals and determine the best length for your resume.
  • Red flags. I don’t know anyone who has a perfect work history. Maybe you’ve had a string of short-term jobs, making you look like a “job hopper.” On the other hand, perhaps you have been at the same job for many years and it looks like your career has stagnated. You could appear overqualified or under-qualified. Instead of grappling with challenging issues, trust a resume writer to minimize the potential red flags for you.

I see many self-developed resumes before clients start the resume development process. The difference between the old and the new resume is night and day. And if you’re not a ResumePower client, you could be competing with one of our clients. Is your resume ready to compete in this tough job market?

The bottom line? Resume writing is easily delegated to a DIY task, but it’s not recommended if you want to find a job. You could be passed over for the perfect position or forced to accept a lower salary than you deserve.

To your success,
Art Hickman,