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At a Career Crossroads? Going with a Pro Can Make All the Difference

At a Career Crossroads? Going with a Pro Can Make All the Difference

crossroads There have been several turning points in my life –- crossroads, if you will -– when I found myself floundering. Finding out my daughter had autism about a month after her third birthday was one. Facing the fact that my weight gain in the ensuing years had crossed over into plus-size Lane Bryant territory was another. My answer, in both cases, was to get busy and find the best professionals possible to get me on the right path.

Thankfully, I quickly found some amazing specialists for my daughter, who at age ten is now an honor roll fourth grader; gifted writer/artist; and just an all-around happy, sunny, great kid (please forgive a bit of mom-bias). I don’t even want to consider where we would be now if we hadn’t brought this team of professionals on board.

It took me a little longer to realize my own issues of increasing weight and declining fitness also required professional help, but at the beginning of the year I had my “ah-ha” moment after a cholesterol screening returned a staggering number. So I joined a fitness/weight loss program run by some exceptional certified personal trainers and registered dietitians, who have dispelled me of my bad habits and the many misconceptions I had about eating, nutrition, and exercise (not to mention opening up can after can of “whup-ass” on me in daily workouts). Thanks to them, I’ve dropped three sizes and 43 pounds in 15 weeks while gaining muscle, energy, and endurance. Although not at my ultimate goal yet, I know I will get there now with their help, and I took great satisfaction in cutting up my Lane Bryant credit card over the weekend when I realized I was swimming in even their smallest size.

Next to family and health, career probably ranks among the top priorities for most people. If you find yourself floundering and unhappy in your work or fearing/facing a job loss, it’s not a good feeling. But being at a career crossroads presents you with an opportunity for change. With the right professionals aiding you, that change can be immensely positive. Your career is your livelihood, and the resume is its currency. An extraordinary resume can do amazing things. It can open doors that will save you many months of unemployment, get you a promotion, enable you to change industries/careers, win you a higher salary, overcome challenging circumstances such as a long absence from the workplace, and return you to work that is both personally and professionally rewarding. When you partner with a certified resume writer, you can realize transformative results in your career. The pros know how to write a resume for you that is compelling, keyword-rich, packed with accomplishments, and interview-generating.

My one regret in working with the professional trainers/nutritionists I hired is that I waited so long to do it. I kept thinking that I should be able to shed the pounds myself, and I had a bookshelf crammed with diet how-to tomes to prove it. (Heck, I’d even read some of them.) In my case, though, it wasn’t until I sought the help of professionals that I really began to see results. Maybe you’re like me in thinking that you should be able to conquer your own career crossroads single-handedly as well. But think about it for a minute. When you need a tooth filled, a good haircut, or an auto repair, don’t you turn to professionals? Doesn’t your career deserve the same professional attention as your cavities, your ‘coif, and your car? If you’re ready to see what a difference a professionally written resume can make in your career, start interviewing professional resume writing firms now. Just as you would when hiring any professional, do your due diligence. Ask questions, study resume samples, find out about the writer’s credentials and years of experience, inquire about any satisfaction guarantees the firm may offer, compare prices/value, and read client testimonials. When you see your new resume, my bet is that you’ll wonder what took you so long to hire a pro!

Happy job searching, everyone!

Karen Hofferber

Senior Resume Writer,