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Dilemma: No Degree, But Lots of Experience

Dilemma: No Degree, But Lots of Experience

RobertRobert wants to know what to do about the fact that he doesn’t have a degree, but he has tons of relevant experience. He writes, “Job postings in my field say that a degree is required. What should I do?”

Robert, you’re not alone! I hear similar concerns from many accomplished professionals who lack a formal degree. Develop a strong resume that shows a potential employer the value that you bring to the table. Your resume should be selling your career achievements, track record of results, and industry knowledge. Concentrate on your skills, expertise, and years of hands-on experience.

Also, if you have participated in ongoing training, consider listing all of your courses, seminars, conferences, and training in the Education section (create a list called “Professional Development”). This might seem so impressive that a lack of a formal degree is overlooked.

Good luck, and please email me again if you have additional questions.