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Free Resume Critique from Kim Isaacs,

Free Resume Critique from Kim Isaacs,

Free Resume Critique from Kim Isaacs,!Note: This offer is now closed. If you submitted your resume, thank you for giving me the chance to review your document! If you missed this opportunity, please stay tuned because I will re-open the offer in the future.


If you are wondering if your resume measures up to the competition, this is your lucky day. You can now submit your resume to the ResumePower blog for a free resume critique. Just click “Post a Comment” and copy and paste your resume in the message box. Include your current career goal, as it’s difficult to critique a resume if I don’t know the job target. Tell me about any special circumstances or challenges you are facing. I will offer general feedback to give you direction on how you can improve your document.

***Important: Please remove any personal, identifying information before submitting your resume, including: name, address, email address, phone number(s), employer names, schools attended, and anything else that would reveal your identity. I will remove posts that contain personal information. Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to reviewing your resume!

Best wishes,

Kim Isaacs

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  1. My current career goal is to secure a position as a Network Administrator outside of public education.Education Graduated Magna Cum LaudeProfessional experience Technology Coordinator/Computer teacher Maintain and service 170+ computers. Maintain and service 2 servers, one Novell Netware6 and one Windows 2000 server. Administer network/users/passwords/accessibility and security. Maintain all switches Coordinate network updates and oversee backup of critical data Conduct teacher workshops pertaining to technology. Research/price/order/install new hardware and software. Maintain School web page. Teach upper grade computers. Typing Graphing Outlining Sound recording Morphing images into movies Animation creation Photo manipulation Video media class /video editingOne-on-One Aide Supervised a special needs student in the Special Education Program. I assist in all areas of the student’s education. Substituted for teachers. I was on-call and available to all schools within the area districts Supervised a special needs student in the Special Education Program. I assisted in all areas of the student’s education.

  2. Hi Mark,Thank you for submitting your resume for a free critique. You have excellent IT experience, but I see a few ways you can improve your document:- Add a “Qualifications Summary.” This section includes your career goal as well as your top credentials for a network administrator position. Here’s a link to an article that explains how to create a summary section: Add accomplishments. Your work history is very focused on job duties, and you can make your resume stand out by demonstrating how your IT skills made a difference to your employer. Think about ways that you improved server performance, enhanced system security, cut costs, improved users’ understanding of technology, etc. Remove one-line bullets like “typing” and “outlining” — they don’t really help market you for a network administrator position.- Move your list of skills (e.g., animation creation) to a “Skills” section rather than including them in your experience section. You might want to create sub-categories such as “Networking Skills,” “Software Skills,” and any other categories that apply to you.- Avoid using personal pronouns — it’s assumed that your resume is about you. So, “I assist in all areas…” can be changed to: “Assist in all areas…”- Use the manufacturers’ spelling for tech programs. For example, change “Netware” to “NetWare” (with a capital “w”).I hope the feedback is useful. Here’s a link to another article that might be helpful: Resume Tips for Technology Professionals: wishes,Kim Isaacs

  3. Hi! I am looking to get an entry level position with a publishing house. My experience lies mainly in editorial but I am open to applying for a position in any department. Entry-level positions generally just want to see work experience which I have I just dont know if Im getting it down on paper to my benefit. Looking forward to your help! THANK YOU!EDUCATIONjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjMinor: PublishingSkills: Microsoft Office Suite, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Lexis Nexis, Internet, proficiency in PC and MAC, proficiency in Chicago Manual of Style and AP Style________________________________________________________________________WORK HISTORYColorado Homes and Lifestyles Denver, COEditorial Intern Sept. 2007- Jan. 2008• Copyedited and fact checked articles according to style guides• Researched and wrote profile on local artist, sidebars, and copy as needed• Researched and wrote “My Town” section for web to market the areas around Colorado• Compiled and wrote special events and calendar section for print and web• Updated editorial edits in layout during production• Organized and managed editorial wall and calendar• Organized media kits and media mailingsHabitat for Humanity International Americus, GADevelopment Specialist Dec. 2006-Nov. 2007• Wrote and designed development proposals that cultivated million dollar partnerships• Assisted in copy writing and placement of Habitat ad in USA Today• Coordinated development of campaign materials for campaign director• Managed development documents for CEO during special events• Developed PowerPoint of capital campaign index which was distributed globally• Wrote and researched profiles of top Habitat donorsNicholas Brealey Publishing- Intercultural Press Boston, MAPublishing Intern June- Sept. 2006• Proofed manuscripts• Assisted in writing of press releases for new books• Re-designed and updated copyright pagesSMU Press Dallas, TXEditorial Assistant June- Sept. 2005• Read, evaluated, and proofed manuscripts• Maintained communication with authors and agents• Registered publications with the Library of CongressMarketing and Production Assistant• Proofed press releases• Organized media mailings• Researched images for covers which were used and published• Proofed pages for consistency in designEmerson College Admission Department Boston, MAStudent Admissions Representative/ Receptionist Sept. 2005- May 2006• Conducted campus tours for prospective students and their families• Managed front desk of Admission Department

  4. Hi Katy,Thank you for submitting your resume for a free critique. Your resume is well written and I just have a few suggestions for you:- Add your career goal. The reader should immediately know that you are pursuing a position with a publishing house. You can incorporate your objective as a “headline,” which is a banner that goes across the top of your resume (below contact information).- Spell out your “value proposition.” This is best achieved in a summary or career profile section, where you can write several bullets or sentences describing the main reasons why you should be hired.- Add a “Key Skills” section. Check out job ads for positions that interest you, and look for skills that are frequently requested. You can then incorporate your matching skills in your resume.- Focus on the outcomes of your work. You have excellent intern experiences, but the descriptions read like job descriptions. You can turn that around by writing about your contributions and results of your work. For example, how many articles did you copyedit? Were you able to produce quality work under tight deadline pressure? How did you improve the editorial layouts and what were the benefits?- Include testimonials. If you have feedback from supervisors or professors regarding your work quality and potential to succeed in the publishing industry, add excerpts to your resume. Here’s a blog post that explains how to incorporate testimonials in your resume: Add a link to writing clips. If you haven’t done so, set up a folio site that includes links to samples of your work.Wishing you good luck, and please let me know how your job search is progressing!Kim Isaacs

  5. Thanks so much Kim! I appreciate any feedback I can get and you have great pointers for me to improve my resume. Quick question, to add the new sections you suggested, Im afraid my resume will go over a page and I’ve always heard keep it a page. Is that just a myth or is it okay if I go over? or should I revamp and adjust to fit it to a page? Also, I’ve just been working in retail to pay the bills while I am looking for a job. Do you think I should include this on my resume? Most resumes say put your work experience in chronological order but I dont want the first thing on my resume to be my retail job, I want them to see my other jobs which are relevant to the positions Im applying for. What are your suggestions? Sorry for all the questions!Thanks!Katy

  6. Hi Katy,Great questions! It is best if your resume is concise, but the one-page resume rule is indeed a myth (or a throwback to earlier times!). Many new grads have so many important credentials that they would be selling themselves short by using a one-page resume. So, do try to keep it short, but remember that content rules and it’s okay to use two pages if that’s what it takes to “sell” you. One way you can contain the length is to omit some of your job description bullets and replace with accomplishments.Yes, I do think you should include your retail job on your resume. You don’t need to include a long description — just the basic facts about the job (employer, job title, dates, and a brief description) and any stand-out accomplishments.Good luck to you!Kim Isaacs

  7. My career goal is to break into publishing marketing or publicity department. I’m a career changer.EXPERIENCE:XYZ Corporation 2007 – present• Record and distribute meeting minutes from daily and weekly management meetings• Generate weekly and monthly project assessment reports.• Manage library• Schedule meetings.• Other duties as assigned.LLL Public Library – Librarian 2005-2007• Performed computer troubleshooting tasks• Taught Microsoft and Internet applications to customers• Supervised library volunteers.• Maintained Bestseller shelf.• Answered reference questions to clients in all age ranges.• Choose and ordered books on a weekly basis.• Selected picture books for baby and toddler story-time sessionsConducted school tours• Filled in for children’s librarian as needed.• Weeded library materialsBBB – Accounting Assistant 2001 – 2005• Database administrator for internal database in change of data analysis.• Generated via mail merge investor correspondence• Managed department mailings to ensure timely delivery to internal and external investors• Created access database to better track and record tax filings• Trained administrative assistants in the following: internal company database, department mailing procedures and Libra, a shipment processing system• Maintained accounting reports• Updated investor banking information• Answered investor requests and researched Industry nomenclature• Maintained calendar, made travel arrangements and other administrative tasks as neededEDUCATION:**************Computer Skills: Microsoft Office Suite and basic understanding

  8. Hi Kathy,Thank you for submitting your resume for a free critique! Here are a few suggestions for improving your resume:- Define your objective. The reader of your resume would have no idea that you are seeking a position in publishing marketing or PR. You can add a “Headline” across the top of your resume that states your new goal. Also, pinpoint the specific job title you would pursue in your new field (e.g., marketing copywriter, marketing assistant, etc.).- Downplay unrelated work history. Review your job descriptions and honestly think about how important each bullet would be to a potential employer in your new field. Unrelated tasks such as “weeded library materials” aren’t doing much to sell you (and please remove “other duties as assigned” – this does nothing for you). You can, however, emphasize skills that are transferable to your new objective. For example, you conducted school tours. That in itself doesn’t say much, but you can expand on this and talk about the outcomes of these tours. Did you develop any business relationships that improved the organization’s image? Did you help increase visitors or library usage? Did you gain any media attention as a result of your tours?- Be consistent. Your resume is often the only representation of you, so it should be perfect. For example, you are inconsistent in using a period at the end of your bullets. You are also inconsistent with adding a space between dashes in your date format.- Turn your resume into a “value proposition.” An employer will be taking a chance on you as you’re a career changer. You need to demonstrate that you have an understanding of marketing and PR. You have excellent experience, but you need to show how it’s relevant to your new objective. Consider adding a Qualifications Summary that spells out the value you offer.Good luck with your career transition!Best wishes,Kim Isaacs

  9. Hello, Ms. Isaacs –Thanks for the offer. Here is my resume. I am seeking a career realignment from business-to-business publishing (architectural publications) to arts marketing, which is field closer to my core interests. I recently turned 50 and have received conflicting advice about resume writing to minimize the possibility of age discrimination. I’ve dropped several years’ worth of jobs off the bottom of the resume and also omitted education dates, but hear some consultants say this is simply a red flag that fools no one, and that it’s better to include the dates and hope for the best. The resume is a bit shy of 2 pages, and I currently use my cover letter to highlight accomplishments relevant to specific positions. I’d appreciate your critique. Thanks again.———-OBJECTIVETo leverage my skills and experience in a marketing/communications position with a dynamic, top-quality arts organization.QUALIFICATIONS• Award-winning writer/editor.• Proven self-starter producing complex projects on deadline with minimal supervision.• Knowledgeable team player comfortable collaborating with creative, administrative, business, and media professionals.• Experienced communicator in MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Quark XPress, Photoshop (Elements version), Netscape Composer web development tool, and Alpha 5 database software. Currently studying InDesign. Windows- and Macintosh-fluent.• Strong personal knowledge of performing arts field.EMPLOYMENT4/97—present Editor, Laboratory Design, Advantage Business Media (formerly Reed Business Information NPI Division), Chicago/Oak Brook, IL.• Plan, write, edit, and project manage 24- to 28-page monthly architectural newsletter.• Write/edit case studies, news, technical articles, management articles, and departments.• Manage ad contracts/materials for 25+ sponsoring advertisers.• Plan, edit, and project manage annual design handbook supplement (100+ pages).• Plan educational program and site tours for two annual conferences; prepare and deliver original presentations for conferences.• Assist in coordination and judging of annual architectural competition.• Coordinate regular updates of materials at dedicated website.• Create content for monthly e-newsletter.5/95 —9/96 Managing editor, School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management magazines, Peter Li Education Group, Chicago, IL.• Assisted chief editor in planning, writing, copyediting, design, production, and project management for monthly architectural magazines.• Managed contributing editors, freelancers, production staff.• Designed/produced editorial pages using Quark XPress.6/94—5/95 Managing editor, Building Supply/Home Centers magazine, Reed Business Information (Cahners), Chicago, IL.• Assisted chief editor in planning, writing, copyediting, and project management for monthly retail/business magazine.• Managed team of eight freelance reporters to produce four regional editions each month, focused on specific construction markets.1/85—6/94 Editor, American Nurseryman magazine, Chicago, IL (hired as copyeditor 1985, promoted to assistant editor 1985, promoted to associate editor 1986, promoted to sr. feature editor 1989, promoted to chief editor 1992).• Managed daily operations and eight-person editorial staff for commercial horticulture’s leading trade journal.• Generated story, project, and special-issue ideas for 24 issues annually.• Edited and designed contributed features; copyedited other editors; maintained style guide.• Traveled extensively to report and write features and editorials.• Managed author communication and editorial budget.• Represented magazine at conventions and trade shows.AWARDS• American Society of Business Publication Editors Awards: Nontechnical feature, honorable mention, Midwest region, 1989; nontechnical feature, 3rd place, Midwest region, 1990; case history, 1st place, Midwest region, 1991; case history, 3rd place, national competition, 1991; special section, silver award, Midwest region, 2001; special supplement, gold award, Midwest region, 2003.• Garden Writers Association of America Quill & Trowel Award: Magazine writing, first place, 1992; signed editorials, first place, 1994.• Cahners Business Information, Editorial Medal of Excellence : Best subject-related series of articles, silver award, 1997.• American Business Press, Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award: Best subject-related series of how-to articles, 2001.• American Business Media, min’s Integrated Marketing Award: Best launch of a custom publishing project, 2006.EDUCATION• Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, B.A. President’s degree (interdisciplinary liberal arts with concentration in music/theatre). University highest honors. GPA: 4.85.• North Park University, Chicago. Currently enrolled in graduate nonprofit management/marketing courses, with interim goal of earning the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Marketing.LIFE INTERESTS/SKILLS• Founder and webmaster of the Thailand Adoption Home Page, the primary Internet resource on intercountry adoption of children from Thailand; moderator of two associated listservs; creator/maintainer of international database of adoptive families with children from Thailand.• Project creator in Apple iLife multimedia authoring suite.

  10. Hi Julie,Your questions are excellent. Here’s my feedback:- Dropping Years from Degree: That is a red flag. I’ve heard many recruiters state that they assume that the job seeker is trying to hide something when there’s no degree date. One study showed that when the date is omitted, the resume reader may add as much as ten years to your age (not good!). I say include the year.- Dropping Earlier Jobs: Yes, you can do that, but mainly because employers care most about your recent accomplishments. However, some do like to see the complete career progression, and you can show this by adding an “Early Career” section and just listing the highlights of your experiences. You can omit dates from this section.- Highlighting Accomplishments in the Cover Letter: That is good, but your strongest accomplishments should also be featured in the resume. Your resume will be stronger if you write about improvements you made to the newsletter, increase in the number of sponsors, increase in readership, etc. Marketing achievements will be particularly important given your career goal.A few suggestions for your resume:** Use the standard spelling for computer programs (e.g., QuarkXPress).** Add an explanation for your career change and passion for the arts — the cover letter is not always read, so an explanation in the resume is helpful to employers. The Qualifications section is a good place for this.** Remove the objective section. It’s too focused on what you want, rather than on what you can do for an arts organization. Add your career goal to the Qualifications section and/or add a “Headline” across the top of your page that states your objective.** Turn the Qualifications section into a value proposition statement. Think about what you would be able to do for an arts organization if hired!** Add any related arts-industry experience, even if as a volunteer. You might want to reach out to nonprofit arts organizations and offer to do free press releases, newsletter articles, web copy, etc. This will reinforce your passion for the industry and enhance your arts-related marketing qualifications.Overall, your resume is one of the better documents I’ve seen in a long time. I think you’ll have a strong marketing piece after you make a few minor changes. Good luck and let me know how your job search is progressing.Best wishes,Kim Isaacs

  11. Thanks very much for your input. I appreciate the detailed comments and suggestions.Julie

  12. Dear Kim,I am turning 50 soon and I am on the most important job search I’ve ever undertaken. In the fall of 2005 I became unemployed due to a RIF and office closure. Shortly after that my wife became ill and I devoted myself to around the clock care of her until her death nearly half a year later. I wasn’t sure I wanted to re-enter the telecommunications industry and did some independant work to stay busy out side of my industry. This left me with more than a 2 year gap from the field where my experience lies. With the fog beginning to clear, I have begun a concerted effort to find a position in the management area of my industry. I have used the web extensively to research the proper way to re-write my resume from a support type role to one of management. I have no formal degree but I do have extensive experience in all areas of my objective. Can you tell me if I’m in the ballpark with this resume or where I can improve? Will the gap be too much to overcome and did I handle it correctly with the cover letter? PS…I’m including my cover (which you don’t have to) as my research has shown it to be one of the most important pieces (and most overlooked) to a successful search campaign, that reinforces your qualifications and makes the decision maker want to read more and call me. Does it? Thank you for such a valuable service…for FREE!!Best Regards,DavidDavidSummary of qualificationsOver 25 years of hands-on experience implementing and managing the integration of voice and data services for the small to medium enterprise. Expertise includes vendor contact and negotiation, scheduling of work assignments, inventory and quality control, operational testing and training and evaluation. Recognized for unwavering determination to accomplish the mission.Work experience 8/05 to Present Independent ConsultantProvide consulting services to small Condominium Owners Associations and individuals regarding damage claims resulting from Hurricane Wilma.• Negotiated with insurance companies for repair schedules.• Gained approval of associations for scope of work.• Hired and directed subcontractors for repairs.• Managed work for quality and completion to customer acceptance.6/96 to 9/05 XYZ SolutionsOperations staff of major networking and systems integration company.• Assisted Training Director in corporate wide process and delivery changes that resulted in total cost reduction of over 50% to $1M while maintaining the quality and quantity of training for the employees.• Executed the build-out and development of training lab to deliver assigned courses in TDM / VOIP networking, DSL, DLC, ATM, Frame Relay and new hire training.• As SME, personally trained over 120 personnel in 12 months to meet certification requirements for rollout of Nortel’s Succession product line.• As Sr. TAC Specialist, provided, support to L3 of production networks from 2 to 100+ Omnimux T1/T3 switching nodes and Sun based network management systems.1/95 to 12/95 ABC SystemsProvide Pre/Post engineering for solutions provider, its re-sellers and end-users throughout Florida.• Established a service department in support of product sales and service in line with company’s goal of providing one stop solutions for the region.11/91 to 1/95 CommunicationsField engineer for the State of Florida and the southeast providing multi-level communications solutions and services.• Drove service revenues from $8K to over $130k.• Rapidly learned new technologies providing on-time implementations and customer training within scope of contract to include governmental and fortune 500 customers.• Promoted to Manager, Technical Services for S.E. US.7/86 to 9/90 Government ServicesField services representative for division performing contract engineering, installation and maintenance of government communication systems.• Installation and maintenance.• Conduct tests for operation and reliability.• Update drawings, implement engineering changes.• Co-ordinate movement of field installers/maintainers and equipment deliveries.• Schedule and direct sub-contractor installations.• Controlling inventories of vehicles, equipment and tools.• Maintain quality requirements.12/80 to 5/86 United States Marine Corps WorldwideProvide telecommunications maintenance to the fleet at various duty stations worldwide.• Direct supervision of technicians for installation, test and 24 hr maintenance of all telecommunication circuits and associated systems.• Budget / expenditures / inventory controls.• Work order / records / spare parts system.• Scheduling work assignments.• Training and evaluation.• Regulatory and quality control.EducationNNCI – Nortel Networks Certified InstructorCCNA – Cisco Certified Network AssociateProfessional Certificate – Total Quality ManagementAttended East Carolina UniversityIn the military, completed courses in digital logic and computer theory, basic electronics, teletype and cryptographic repair and low-level keying.Numerous certifications for product and technology training.COVER BelowRE: Field Services CoordinatorAttention: Human Resources DepartmentWith over 25 years of experience implementing and managing a broad range of technologies, I can bring the hands-on skills necessary to lead and develop a service force with the ability to deliver leading edge, customer focused solutions with a commitment to continually improving the process and accomplishing the corporate mission.I chose to consult independently as my most recent experience shows, to be able to devote time to the care of my wife during a prolonged illness and after suffering a layoff from my previous employer due to a reduction in force and office closures.I understand the concept of using third party maintainers to deliver services cost effectively. Additionally, the need to develop a standard by which to accomplish those installations in a comprehensive, professional and consistent manner while achieving the company’s goals and maintaining customer satisfaction is one I am prepared to implement.My experience with Government Services may be of particular interest to you, as it demonstrates many of the attributes you’re looking for in a successful Field Services Coordinator:• Coordinate movement of field installer / maintainers and equipment• Schedule and direct sub-contractor installations• Conduct tests for operation and reliability• Controlling inventories• Maintain quality requirementsWhen I came aboard the GWEN Program they were gearing up for nationwide installation. There were no systems to track the status and whereabouts of the maintenance fleet, test equipment or required tools. I designed a system to track every vehicle, the test equipment and every tool. As a result, the operations ran more efficiently and we saved over $30K a month by returning excess leased equipment.I welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly about this position and how my experience can help Cbeyond maintain their leadership position in this market. I am available to interview immediately to discuss it. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. My resume is attached for download.Sincerely,

  13. Hi David,I’m so sorry to hear about the heartbreak and loss that you’ve suffered over the last few years. You definitely needed the time to start to heal and figure out what you want to do next, so the 2-year “gap” is very understandable. If an employer doesn’t understand or is not willing to give you a chance, I would question how happy you would be at their company.Here’s my take on your resume and cover letter strategy:The Good:————– I like that you included a Qualifications Summary and focused on your management qualifications.- It’s a great idea to include consulting engagements to “cover” (truthfully) your recent experience. Bye-bye, gap!- Good to see that you’ve included accomplishments in each of your positions, along with quantifiable outcomes. Fantastic!- Nice job including your continuing education in the “Education” section, instead of omitting the section altogether.Areas for improvement:—————————-Your resume needs a lot of cleanup, and here are the areas that jump out at me:- Improve your Qualifications Summary. I like the idea of your summary, but it could be a lot stronger. Think about what you are offering and include concrete ways that you would contribute as a manager. Pretend you’re at a job interview for your “dream job,” and the manager asks you what you would contribute to the operation if hired. What do you offer that other candidates do not? Your summary should be compelling, because that is what will make the hiring manager continue reading your resume.- Proofread and correct errors and inconsistencies. For example, you used past tense for previous jobs (which is correct), but not in your first two (earliest) jobs. Correct hyphenation errors (for example, should be “third-party maintainers” in your cover letter and “Coordinated movement” in the resume). Job titles should be lowercase (e.g., “training director”) unless used as part of a headline. Be consistent in using abbreviations (e.g., capitalize “K’ for thousands in all instances). Watch for parallel sentence structure in both your resume and cover letter. I just spoke with a recruiter who said that he tosses resume with just one error – ouch!- Enhance your accomplishments. Read each of your bullets, and ask yourself, “So what?” You need to convey the significance of the accomplishment, and it should further your message that you are a talented manager. As an example, one of your accomplishments is “Drove service revenues from $8K to over $130k.” But what’s the timeframe for that? Did that take four years or was that a one-year increase? How did you accomplish this?- Focus on the last 10 years or so. Your resume goes back to the 1980s, and while you have interesting and excellent experience from that time period, you need to highlight more recent accomplishments. You can keep the early positions, but cut down on the amount of space used, and consider summing it up in an “Early Career” section.- Make minor changes to the cover letter. You did a good job with the letter — it’s focused on the employer and what you can do for them. I would move the part about your layoff and wife lower (it’s a downer right at the top of the resume, and it looks like you’re covering up for something that doesn’t need to be covered up). Proofread and correct grammatical errors throughout the letter — it should be perfect.I’m wishing you the best of luck in your job search.Take care,Kim Isaacs

  14. VickiOhioHome: Cell:Email:PROFILEI am seeking a position where I can pursue my love of early childhoodeducation, and where I can make a sucessful contribution, both to yourand in the lives of young children.Objective: Teacher Assistant / Lead TeacherSCOPE OF EXPERIENCE:* Child Development Associate Credential “CDA”* Montessori Teacher’s Assistant: ten years working with 3-6 yrs old* Classroom Managment, Supervise lunch time* Observation* Redirecting Children* Assist in record keeping* Restoring the environment, Refilling or making materials* Gave Montessori lessons, Parent /Teacher Conferences* Resume the role of head teacher when she was not there* Lesson’s Plans* Summer camp experienceWork Experience:August 1, 2006 to May 31, 2007Teacher’s AssistantSchoolOhioxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOct.2006 to May 32, 2007Part-time Sub (when needed)Schoolxxxxxxxxxx: Administrator, Montessori TrainerFebruary 3, 1997 to July 30, 2005Teacher’s AssistantSchoolOhioPhone xxxxxxxxxxAdministrator: xxxxxxxx

  15. Hi Vicki,You have excellent experience! Here are a few tips for improving your resume:- Create two resumes. Your two goals of teacher assistant and lead teacher are different enough to warrant different resume versions. You would need to emphasize more of your leadership skills in the lead teacher version.- Add an Education section. Maybe it got cut off, but I don’t see an Education section, and school administrators will be looking for educational information.- Switch to a “combination” resume format. This type of resume leads with a Qualifications Summary, and then provides a reverse chronological work history. Include descriptions of your responsibilities as well as accomplishments in each of your positions. How did your teaching skills benefit the teacher, students, and school? Here’s an article on combination resumes that might be helpful: Tell your story. Your resume leaves me wanting to know more about your qualifications and teaching style. The meatiest part of your resume is the “Scope of Experience” section, but it reads more like a laundry list and doesn’t give insight into how you truly made a difference in the lives of children. Here’s a link to a sample resume for an elementary school teacher — this will give you an idea of what I mean by “telling your story”: Make sure your resume is perfect. Correct errors like inconsistent use of capitalization, apostrophes, and parallel sentence structure.I hope this is helpful. Wishing you a successful job search!Take care,Kim Isaacs

  16. Job Target is Executive Administrative Assistant. The last two years I have had to take contracted or temporary assignments to make ends meat. In doing so, I do not look good on paper for stability and committment. I am a loyal employee, so much as I feel guilty if I am on an assignment and go to an interview for another position. Thank you for assisting me with my resume.NAMEStreetCity, ST ZipPhone NumberE-mail addressA proactive, extremely detailed, and self-motivated individual who consistently demonstrates initiative, superior organizational and professional administrative processes. Seeking an Executive Administrative Assistant position supporting an Executive(s) within a progressive organization highly respected for their DIVERSITY, INTEGRITY, and PROFESSIONAL ETHICS.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCECOMPANY NAME12/2007 – Present** Administrative Assistant/Receptionist – Highly professional greeting visitors and answering telephones. Processed mail, overnight packages, and maintained inventory of office and break room supplies. Assisted Accounting department with filing and bank deposits for over 20 property accounts. As required, accurately provided support typing, creating spreadsheets, scanning, offsite file maintenance, blue print reading and electronic file indexing. Responsible for daily back up of database server and office equipment repair and maintenance. Supported President and Chief Operations Officer daily as requestedTEMPORARY ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIGNMENTS – City, ST8/2007 – 11/2007** Completed assignments supporting Provider Contracting in the Healthcare industry and as a Contract Technical Writer for the County of ________.COMPANY NAME – City, ST3/2007 – 7/2007** Executive Assistant and Office Manager – Commercial Building Land DeveloperResponsible for daily scheduling logistics of the President’s and Vice President’s calendar; domestic and international travel reservations; processed land acquisition agreements and due diligence documentation; composed and transcribed letters and legal documents; conducted internet research creating presentation binders for special projects as delegated by principals of Banyan. Updated and enhanced Office Operation Procedures Manual. Ordered office supplies; maintained office equipment and negotiated service agreements. Assisted Controller with accounts payable, coding functions, vendor compliance, and file management. Managed vendor bid and selection process; responsible for all issues associated in recent office relocation.COMPANY NAME – City, ST9/2006 – 12/2006 ** Project Coordinator [90-day contracted position]Supported (3) Project Managers with 7-9 projects. Responsible for contract administration and AR/AP functions. Used Timberline and Viewpoint software to track and create weekly job cost reports. Created and tracked contract execution, insurance, certified payrolls, and lien documents for compliance. Created new file management procedures and reorganized project filing system. Successfully communicated with Project Managers, government officials and subcontractors.COMPANY NAME – STAFFING SERVICES – City, ST8/2005 – 9/2006 ** Executive Assistant – Completed several temporary assignments providing administrative support to Senior Executives, Directors, and Managers of Retail, Residential, and High-rise Construction along with Commercial Property Management.COMPANY NAME – City, ST5/2002 – 2/2005 [Company closed doors]** Administrative Operations Manager and Assistant to the President, COO & ChairmanEstablished performance standards for policy processing. Managed operating procedures with Third Party Administrator ensuring issuance of Certificates of Insurance, policy renewals, cancellations, and credit card billings met BEST Standard Practices. Responsible for all human resource functions, new hire orientation and employee security access. Processed purchase orders and maintenance agreements for office equipment. Implemented call center script and service standards for off site call center. Analyzed data for website and call center activity for distribution of monthly reporting results to sales staff and insurance underwriter. Handled all customer product inquiries, billing questions, ensuring all customers received superior service. Maintained accounting records using QuickBooks software.COMPANY NAME – City, ST4/1995 – 5/2002** Customer Support Supervisor (1999-2002)Successfully managed a staff of 10-12 employees in the Claims Customer Support Department. The Front-line Customer Service Call Center answered over 7,000 calls monthly servicing various product lines, processing over 2,000 new claims and responsible for mailing over 6,000 claim checks, in excess of $9,000,000 dollars to claimants and vendors monthly. Responsible for hiring, development and evaluating performance for promotion, annual reviews, and salary increases. Provided employee counseling and coaching as needed documenting sessions fulfilling Legal and HR compliance standards Developed and implemented department cross-training procedures for Call Center and Claims Customer Support representatives. Administered functional-specific training and procedures as needed for all product lines. The new standard procedures and training program eliminated 50% of employee turnover. Maintained inventory of office supplies for Insurance Claims Division and branch offices. Compiled and analyzed statistical data to monitor performance and service trends for the Property Casualty Claims department. Developed accurate production reports for Senior Management’s review. Submitted approved annual budgets for the department and tracked monthly expenses using Actuarial Variance report. Worked with department management to ensure all new-hires have security/ network access and basic supplies to perform job requirements in a timely manner.COMPANY NAME – City, ST** Executive Secretary (1995-1999)Supported Vice Presidents(2), Managers(3), and Supervisors (4) within the Property Casualty and Auto Claims departments. Maintained and updated confidential employee records and reports. Coordinated travel itinerary and expense reports for department management and employees. Provided special event planning for department award and recognition ceremonies for Insurance Division. Processed vendor bills for the department and three outside Branch offices. Prepared PowerPoint presentations and brochures for training and sales meetings. Composed detailed accurate company and inner-department correspondence for claims management team Active member of a Quality team, which implemented an Access based software attendance tracking system. This new system eliminated 50% of the processing time.*** Promoted to Supervisor position above ***COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE & MECHANICAL SKILLSMicrosoft Windows 2002 XP Professional including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Microsoft Project, MS Outlook, and Schedule+, Lotus Notes, Internet Explorer 7.0, Adobe Acrobat, Foxfire – PeopleSoft Human Resource and Procurement/Purchasing Database Systems-“Adminstaff” – “Timekeeper” Attendance Tracking – ACD Call Center Mgmt Systems, Toshiba Strata CS Viewpoint, OnBase, ExCapp, PMS – Fiserv Paperless Mgmt Systems – Accounting /Construction software systems – Timberline, Viewpoint, Foundations, and Bid Mail.CORPORATE and COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT2006 – Participant in “Rebuilding Together” project2003 – 1998 American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days Coordinator2001 & 2000 Balboa Community Involvement Committee member1998 & 1997 “TORA” Award of Excellence1998, 1997, & 1996 Ambassador for Orange County’s United WayPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTThe Exceptional Administrative Assistant Seminar -Top Skill SeminarsProviding Outstanding Customer Service – Top Skill SeminarsBusiness Writing Skills for Powerful Results – Top Skill SeminarsAssertive Communication Skills for Women – SkillPathDealing Effectively with Unacceptable Employee Behavior – SkillPathExcelling as a First-Time Manager or Supervisor – SkillPathLeadership and Management Skills for Women – SkillPath

  17. Hi Kimberly,Thank you for submitting your resume for a free review! Here’s what you should do for the last two years of temp assignments to avoid the appearance of job-hopping — group them under *one* section and provide the overall time period. You can then include highlights of your most impressive company assignments. Check out this article for more detail on how you can do this:Resume Tips for Temps: would also suggest that you rework your introductory statement. While the message is good, it’s loaded with what employers now recognize as “fluff” — statements that are overused and really don’t have much significance (e.g., “self-motivated,” “superior organizational,” etc.). Rewrite that section while thinking about why the employer should hire you instead of other applicants. You can even lead with a statement like, “Value offered…” and then provide a bulleted list of what you bring to the table.You should also add more of a focus on your accomplishments throughout your work history. How did your employers benefit from your administrative skills? This article includes questions you can ask yourself to help draw out your accomplishments:Administrative Support Resume Tips: luck securing a permanent position! You have excellent experience and skills, so it’s just a matter of marketing yourself a bit better.Kim Isaacs

  18. Hi, Kim! I thought I’d send my resume again, just in case you didn’t get it this morning!I’m re-entering the workforce after 13 years of staying at home and raising 3 kids. My goal is to land a job as a middle school or elementary school assistant principal. I am hoping my MBA will help… Please give me your feedback at your earliest convenience.thanks a lot!IleanaILEANA XXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOBJECTIVETo obtain an entry-level management position that will allow me to contribute solid organizational and leadership skills.SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS & STRENGTHS• Effective at relationship-building, adept at assessing people and responding to their unspoken concerns and personal styles• Skilled at influencing and bringing team players together, to quickly build rapport and establish trust to achieve goals and objectives• Hard working, tenacious, reliable, honest and committed to excellence• Attention to detail in problem-solving, planning and coordinating projects and eventsEXPERIENCEGIRL SCOUTS OF AMERICANations Capital, xxxxxxxxxx, VA 2006 – 2007Broward County, xxxxxxxxxx, FL 1997 – 2005Troop Leader, Co-leader• Planned, prepared and led troop meetings and activities for girls to attain achievement of merit badges.• Organized outings, overnight camping trip and cultural events, while ensuring the safety, enjoyment and well-being of the children.• Facilitated discussions on personal safety, peer pressure and health issues. Provided the children with exposure on a variety of activities in arts and sciences with the ultimate goal of personal growth.ST. XXXXXXXXXXXXX SCHOOL, xxxxxx, FLVolunteer, Parent Resource Organization_(PRO) 1996 – 2005• Obtained advertisers for largest annual school fundraiser dinner auction. Coordinated with parents & teachers to create a basket sold for $2,000 at silent auction.• Participated in, and coordinated group of parent volunteers to bring to the classroom a monthly schools art program, “Meet the Masters” which exposes elementary and middle school children to renowned world artists.• Served as room parent for several years at different grade levels to assist teachers with scholastic programs and activities while being the liaison between teachers and PRO, and between teachers and parent volunteers.PEPSI-COLA COMPANY, Somers, N. Y. 1987 – 1994Associate Marketing Manager, Assistant Marketing Manager, Ethnic Promotions Coordinator• Managed cross-functional team, including marketing, sales, advertising, media partners and legal department on largest U.S. Hispanic consumer promotion.• Supervised rollout of special packaging resulting in 100% field sales and Pepsi bottler participation with flawless execution.• Participated in strategic and creative discussions in marketing programs and developed promotional write-ups for field sales, bottlers and trade.• Assisted Public Relations Department in the development of consumer and trade communications strategies.• Directed advertising agencies on promotional material targeting general market, Black andHispanic consumers.EDUCATIONM.B.A., xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxx, N.Y., 1996B.A., Communication Arts, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, N.Y., 1983SKILLSCompletely fluent in Spanish; proficient in MS Office: XP, Access, Word, PowerPoint, some Excel.

  19. Hi Ileana,Thank you for your note and for submitting your resume for a review! Here are some of my ideas for improving your document:- Add a “Headline” that reflects your assistant principal goal. Right now, the reader would have no idea you’re pursuing this type of position.- Add an element of a “Mission Statement” to your summary. School districts are looking for assistant principals who demonstrate passion as well as leaderships competencies. Take some time to think about why you should be selected as an assistant principal, and use your summary to really “sell” you, your mission, and your qualifications. How would you contribute positively to a school if hired?- Revisit your work history and make your leadership accomplishments “pop.” This is going to be really important, because you’ll be up against others who have more recent, school-based experience. You do have excellent experience, so elaborate on your achievements and showcase the *results* of your work that would be relevant to an educational leadership position. For example, you managed the team for the largest Hispanic promotion in the U.S. — that’s an amazing accomplishment, but the reader has no idea what you did, how many people you supervised, or the result of the promotion. Think about the accomplishment in light of what would be important in a school setting (e.g., achieving buy-in for your ideas, getting people on the same page, setting and achieving goals, monitoring project milestones, rallying for community support, etc.). Highlight the results of your work — especially leadership accomplishments — for both your corporate and volunteer positions.- List your MBA more prominently. It gets “lost” at the bottom of your resume. You can mention it in your summary section (add a line like: Backed by solid credentials, including an MBA, fluency in Spanish, etc.).Wishing you all the best in your job search! Good luck and please let me know how it’s going.Kim IsaacsThe Resume Expert

  20. Hi Kim!Thanks a lot for your comments! I definitely have some thinking to do! Regarding your comments about expanding some more, this will probably take my resume beyond a one-pager. In my case, is there any value to trying to stay within one page?thanks again!Ileana from VA

  21. Hi Ileana,You’re welcome! It’s okay for you to go to a two-pager — you’re pursuing a leadership role and you have many accomplishments and skills you need to emphasize. A one-page resume might even work against you, making you look more entry-level.If you go to two pages, make sure your strongest credentials (especially your MBA) appear on page one.Good luck!Kim Isaacs

  22. Hi Kim,Thanks so much for your feedback, I’ll keep you posted!Have a great day!Ileana

  23. This is my resume for your critique. I am looking for a HR Mgr/Generalist/Recuriter position and have not been getting the response I thought I would get for so much experience. Also with posting on some of the boards because I have been getting more responses from a city that I not living in or interested in working someone suggest not including my address. What are your thoughts on that? if you were hiring what would be the impression of this resume. Please I need your helpHuman Resource Professional with broad-based diversified generalist and hands-on management experience with the Ability to participate with senior management in the strategic planning of company-wide initiatives. Well versed in areas of Human Resources, and able to work with employees at every level of the organization.SKILLS SUMMARY• Staffing / Executive Recruitment• Human Resource Administration• Benefits Administration• Employee Relations• Training and Development• Project Management• Operations Management• Policy Design and Implementation• Employee Labor Law/Conflict ResolutionPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCECompany, New York, NY 2007-PresentHR Consultant (Temp)Provide consultation in areas of recruitment, compensation, benefits, training & development and policy & procedure. Serve as a coach to lower level HR Consultants and Assistants.Company New York, NY 2006-2007HR GeneralistResponsible for the recruitment for all executive, managerial, exempt, and non-exempt positions; orientation, benefits, compensation review, training & development, employee relations, policy & procedure interpretation, and performance management. Provided counsel, assistance and follow-up on company policies & procedures for line managers. Provided support, and advice to six satellite locations.Responsible for full-cycle, high volume recruitment including phone screens, interviews, offer negotiation, relocation, and agency management.Participated with management as a strategic partner to develop and achieve departmental goals and objectives.Provided coaching for managers on staff development, dispute resolution & organizational effectiveness.Provided training to managers on interviewing techniques.Managed temporary employees, interns, and the summer student program.Key Accomplishments:Successfully recruited, interviewed and hired key senior management for executive committee.Lead various HR projects and strategic staffing initiatives including Company Branding to attract talented candidates, and the Applicant Tracking System.Improved employee retention by creating and implementing Employee Partner Program.Reduced recruiting costs 30% by negotiating fees, implementing non-fee sources, and expanding Employee Referral Program.Standardized the recruitment process and re-designed interview procedures and created faster selection process.Company, New York, 2002-2005HR ManagerResponsibilities included recruiting, benefits administration, employee relations, compensation administration, performance management and staffing. Provided support, guidance and advice to senior management.Served as internal subject matter expert on HR issues, employee relations, and employment law.Liaison with outside counsel on employment matters including work authorization (immigration, visas), terminations and documentation.Supervised HR and accounting staff.Developed and implemented procedures for new hires which included new hire packages and orientation.Conducted exit interviews to uncover any organizational/managerial issues; and implemented solutions.Key Accomplishments:Implemented new and effective welfare programs including TransitChek, and Flexible Spending Accounts.Created an effective mentorship program which improved employee moral and retention.Researched and negotiated improved insurance coverage resulting in a total savings of 15%.Implemented Sexual Harassment training to comply with employee handbook.Company, New York, 2001-2002ControllerPositively restructured recently merged company’s accounting department by redesigning and implementing internal controls and new policies and procedures.Managed staff of 5 including hiring, termination, employee relations and conflict-resolution.Participated in financial negotiations with banks and outside agencies.Established comprehensive spending and collection controls.Key Accomplishments:mproved employee moral and communicated employee concerns to senior management.Created positive cash flow by lowering accounts receivable by 30 % in 3 months.Company, New York, 1992- 2001Human Resource Manager/ControllerResponsibilities included day-to-day administration of all major HR functions including recruitment, union and non-union payroll, and employee relations. Participated in the long-term strategic planning of a start-up that expanded to 3 companies and grew over 90% in employees.Directed all aspects of recruiting process, including offer negotiation, and agency management.Guided managers regarding terminations, sensitive workplace conflicts, and employee relations.Investigated and resolved union contractual disputes and grievances.Coordinated all human resources related legal issues, DOL and unemployment hearings.Promoted workers safety awareness, resulting in lower workers compensation claims and decreased annual workers compensation premiums and average number of recordable injuries.Key Accomplishments:Created and designed company first Employee Handbook, Policy and Procedures Manuals.Researched and led the negotiations for improved health and property insurance coverage including higher coverage limits and broader coverage with a 30 % annual saving.Selected and implemented new benefit plans including: medical, dental, flexible spending plan and 401k.Developed and implemented employee turnover improvement strategy which reduced turnover by 60%.EDUCATIONNYU, Certificate in HR – School of Continuing EducationORGANIZATIONSCOMPUTER SKILLSMS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, QuickBooks, ITrack

  24. Hi Kim,Another question is would I put I put position titles that I am seeking if It could be three different position but in the same area?thanks again

  25. Hi Maria,Thank you for submitting your resume. I agree that you have excellent HR experience and your resume should be generating results! Here are areas you can improve:- Rewrite the opening sentence. Honestly, you lost me on the first line — it’s a mouthful! As you know, hiring managers are quickly scanning resumes to decide whether to keep or toss. So your resume should open with a bang, but still be easy-to-read. It should also be error-free (the only letters that should be capitalized in your opener appear at the beginning of sentences). You should consider expanding this opener so that it’s a more meaty Qualifications Summary. Employers looking at your resume should immediately see what you can do for them.- Expand on your current experience. Even though you’ve been temping, you have responsibility for solid HR management tasks, so don’t be afraid to write about it! Specifically, what have been your accomplishments? Because this section is so brief compared to your other jobs, you’re sending a message that you’re not doing anything of importance.- Expand on your accomplishments in your earlier positions. It’s great that you’ve included a section for “Key Accomplishments,” so you have a good start. But think about the true value of each of your accomplishments. Here’s where the “So what?” question can be so beneficial. After each accomplishment, ask yourself, “So what?” This will help you get to the bottom of what the real value your work had on your employers and team members.- Add knowledge of HR regulations (e.g., ADA, FLMA, EEO, etc.). You mentioned in an early job that you coordinated HR legal issues, but knowledge of specific regulations is important to many employers, so consider adding a list (this can go in your Skills section).- Proofread your resume. There are little errors here and there (e.g., tense usage, hyphenation, capitalization, inconsistencies), and your resume should be perfect.Regarding your questions:- I know it can be hard to select a job title when filling out online forms, but sometimes the form forces you to pick just one. If you can type in your own job title, it’s okay to include several variations: HR Manager / Generalist / Recruiter Also, are you contacting potential employers by phone? If you connect with managers in the department where you want to work, you might learn about which areas they need employees. Plus, it’s a good chance for you to show your strong interest in the employer and build relationships!- There’s not much you can do about out-of-town inquiries that don’t interest you. I would say that you should follow up and respond anyway, because you never know if the contact person knows of an opening near you. Plus, it’s another chance for you to network!Wishing you all the best. I really hope that your job search turns around. You have excellent qualifications, and employers need to see that!Take care,Kim Isaacs

  26. Hi Kim,Thank you for your feedback!! I will certainly make the changes you suggested and hopefully I will write again after I get that new position. Thanks again!

  27. Hi Kim,I have another question. I attended an Ivy League College continuing education program and received a certificate from their 5-6 class program. Should I school name and then list for eg. Harvard Continuing Education – Engineering Certificate, or could I just say Harvard – Engineering Certificate How should I list the school. Of course the reason I choice that expensive school was to be able to list it on my resume. Any suggestions? Thanks again

  28. Hi Kim,I do have another question, if I add accomplishments to the current temp position then it takes my resume to 3 pages. what would I delete to add this information. Also the reason for not adding more information is it is a temp position and I wanted to focus the resume on my permanent positions. Thanks again

  29. Hi Maria,I’m glad the feedback was helpful! I think you should list the school in the same format that the program lists it. For example:Harvard University (Division of Continuing Education)Engineering Certificate, YearBTW, Ivy League school names are sometimes used as keywords when employers search for applicants, so you might expand your reach by including Harvard University.Re: Resume length — try to keep your format down to two. You can accomplish this by cutting your description of job duties to 2-3 sentences (this will also give you more space to list accomplishments). Also, I’m not sure how your Skills Summary is formatted on your Word version, but this bulleted list can be in two-column format — that will give you a number of extra lines.Best wishes,Kim Isaacs

  30. Thanks again for your feedback, its been quite helpful

  31. Dear Kim,Firstly I would like to thank you for your time and help. I really appreciate it. I am a senior graduating in May with a bba in finance seeking an entry level position as an analyst at a major investment bank.EDUCATION2004 – 2008 – SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Washington, DC• Bachelor of Business Administration with concentration in Finance, May 2008• Overall GPA: 3.503• Beta Gamma Sigma, National Society of Collegiate Scholars• DW Scholarship – Awarded annual scholarship based on academic excellence• Recipient of University and Alumni Award, 2005-2008• Member of Finance Club, intramural football and basketball teamsWORK EXPERIENCE04/07 – 09/07 Bulge Bracket Investment Bank New York, NYANALYST, EQUITY RESEARCH – II-RANKED LATIN AMERICA TEAM• Evaluated various equity strategies in South America and Mexico in the energy, basic manufacturing, transportation & technology sectors.• Created research project focused on South America’s international trade regime. Analyzed macroeconomic, fiscal, and financial market implications of alternate policy scenarios.• Conducted comprehensive research on potential investment opportunities, including companies, competing firms, industries, and countries/regions• Wrote and published equity research reports for institutional investor distribution based on current trade ideas and relevant news events• Worked closely with Partners, MDs, and VPs to generate presentations emphasizing the most appropriate and fundamental components• Effectively communicated and interacted with campaign offices, institutional sales force and traders05/06 – 8/06 OFFICE OF U.S. SENATOR _ Washington, DCSUMMER INTERN• Collected data and information on legislation and current events to formulate policy and voting positions• Coordinated constituents, principals, and legislative staff during due diligence and casework.• Supervised and trained new interns on selected projects.05/05 – 08/05 xyz music company New York, NYMARKETING INTERN• Responsible for developing marketing strategy for college market• Participated in developing firm presentations to research the market atmosphere• Contacted current and perspective partners to introduce the firm, inform about products and services, and gather pertinent records• Gathered and compartmentalized pertinent information on sales, clients, and demographics into XYZ Database, Outlook, and Excel and PowerPoint Documents• Set up one-on-one conferences and attended client and presentational meetingsSKILLS/PERSONAL• Study Abroad in city, Australia, February – June 2007• Computer Skills: MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Bloomberg, Reuters, familiar with VBA, Flash, and web page design• Languages: fluent in Hebrew, basic Spanish• President, ABC Fraternity, 2005 – 2006• Help the Homeless, AIDS & Relay for Life Walker• Social Activities & Hobbies: Avid runner and guitarist. Enjoy basketball, golf & travel (in Australia and Southeast Asia)

  32. Hi Michael,You’re welcome — it’s my pleasure to review your resume! You have an excellent start, and I bet you will get a good response to your resume from investment banks. Here are a few areas that can be improved:- Add a Career Goal. Readers of your resume would have no idea of your career objective. Spell it out for them by including a “headline” across the top of your resume (below contact information) that includes your goal. You can be short and sweet (e.g., “Career Goal: Entry-level analyst position at an investment bank”).- Add a Qualifications Summary. Your summary can be brief, but it’s a great place to “sell” your most impressive credentials.- Enhance your Experience Section. Is the first experience listed an internship? If so, you should say that because it might look like a short-term job at first glance. You should also focus more on the *results* and benefits of your work. How did the company use the research that you conducted? What was the value of the reports you created? How did you improve the performance of new interns? What were the outcomes of some of your most impressive projects?- Add Your Anticipated Graduation Date. You can say “Degree expected May 2008” in the Education section. That will make it clear that you’re a May (not December) graduate.I hope this is helpful, and I wish you all the best in your search!Kim Isaacs

  33. Hi Kim,I am planning to relocate in July and am looking for temporary or contract work in a sales support or administrative role, but more long term am seeking to become more HR focused(even if in an administrative capacity initially). Can you suggest where I should trim my resume and where I need to beef it up? Thanks!Energetic and skilled candidate with experience in supporting high level executives and analyzing information seeking to use skills in a professional and challenging environment. Self-directed and works well in team setting as well as independently. Well versed in Microsoft Office Suite and, but highly adaptable to new software.Complimented as someone who “Takes ownership” for seeing projects from start to finish.EXPERIENCE:July 2006 – Company Name, N.Y.November 2007 Sales AdministratorPlayed a central role in the coordination of sales staff operations as well as other business functions. Consistently exceeded management expectations by working outside of the original job description including, but not limited to, interviewing candidates, preparing and scheduling the new hires induction process, mentoring sales staff and training and supervising administrative staff.• Maintained application data in the Sales CRM application.• Conducted training for the staff on various business applications.• Created and maintained reports from data extracted from CRM tool.• Analyzed sales data and resolved reporting issues.• Organized and coordinated web-based meetings.• Routinely worked with international offices to ensure enterprise alignment with respect to business processes.May 2007 – Company Name, ConnecticutJuly 2007 Contracts AdministratorAdministered the process of auditing specialized contracts and resolving contractual terms for transactions involving physical energy products and financial derivatives.October 2002- Company name, Bronx, N.Y.May 2006 Contract AdministratorInstrumental in coordinating the purchasing activities among over 130 varied departments among 5 different campuses. This challenging role enabled the successful and timely completion of over 1000 purchase transactions, of varying degrees of complexity, annually. The following are the highlights of this role:• Analyzed purchase orders and negotiated contracts maximizing savings to the university.• Evaluated, researched and recommended new products to administration, faculty and students.• Acted as liaison between University vendors, staff and Finance departments. Responsible for accounts valued at over $2,000,000.• Managed and ensured the execution of university-wide service contracts and maintained the relationships relating to these contracts.• Instrumental in providing a comfort-level to seasoned university end-users with various internet purchasing systems. Accepted the high-profile task of maintaining, managing, and providing end-user support for these new systems.May 2000- Company Name, New York, N.Y.September 2001 Executive AssistantEffectively executed the responsibilities of this high-profile position by managing numerous and diverse personalities with a strong work ethic, sound ability to exercise judgment and professionalism. These duties included but were not limited to the following:•Schedule and coordinate meetings between CEO, Chairman of Private Equity and senior executives of COMPANY NAME and portfolio companies.•Responsible for coordinating weekly report to President of COMPANY NAME.•Served as a member of Private Equity Market Research Committee, providing information on research resources available, as well as sourcing research information.•Prepared and arranged for all meetings with internal investment and deal teams, setting international audio and video conference calls.•Coordinated domestic and international meetings for CEO and portfolio investors.October 1999- Company name, Harrison, N.Y.April 2000 Personal Financial AdvisorLeveraged interpersonal skills and creative thinking to simultaneously achieve corporate objectives and advise clients on how to successfully obtain their financial goals. Obtained Series 7, Series 63, and New York State Life and Health Insurance licenses. Performed detailed analysis of clients’ financial situations and integrated financial products based on clients’ needs.May 1996- Company Name., New York, N.Y.September 1999 Sales AdministratorSuccessfully built and maintained key cross-cultural relationships for an international enterprise resulting in company growth. Supported Vice Presidents of Sales servicing major clients including providing pricing information, sales reports and new product development. Supervised customer service staff, including hiring and training of new employees. Directly responsible for maintenance of day-to-day activity with several key accounts, totaling over $1.5 million in sales annually. Assisted in coordination and staffing of trade shows. Tasks included sales forecasting, cost of goods sold calculation and related expense planning.February 1995- Company Name., New York, N.Y.March 1996 Office ManagerSucessfully organized and maintained the daily functions of a growing retail organization. Managed accounts payables: purchase order entry, invoices and receiving reports. Processed weekly payrolls, administered employee records and group health plan. Responsible for day-to-day accounting activity and financial matters, including interfacing with outside financial counsel, vendors and factors.January 1995 Assistant to the Office ManagerSuccessfully mastered office protocols and tasks resulting in meeting time constraintsEDUCATION: University Name, N.Y.Bachelors of Arts, May 1994Honors: Dean’s ListMajor: HistorySPECIAL SKILLS: – Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Fluent in Italian.

  34. Hi Sandra,Thank you for posting your resume! Here are a few ideas that might be helpful:- Create Multiple Resumes. Your goals of sales, admin, and possibly something with an HR-focus should be addressed in three different versions. I know it’s more work, but the more targeted your resume is, the more effective it will be.- Proofread Your Resume. Your resume has errors that should be fixed before sending to employers. (Examples: In the summary, should be “high-level executives” (hyphen) “settings” (plural), and lowercase “t” in “takes.”) Also, watch for inconsistencies such as using different formats for state names — pick a style, and stick with it throughout the document.- Add Your Objective. You can incorporate your career goal in your summary section — readers should immediately know what type of job you’re seeking. You can also spell out that you are seeking temporary or contract work.- Add a “Key Skills” Section Below Your Summary. Your “Special Skills” section is good, but only includes a couple of items and gets lost at the end of your resume. You can expand your list and include a bulleted list of skills that are important for your resume’s job target. Skills like consultative sales, relationship building, ability to close deals, etc. can go in your sales version; skills like administrative support, meeting coordination, and office management would go in your admin version.- Add Accomplishments. Your resume would be much stronger if you included results of your work under each position. For example, in your last job, you conducted training — how did the employees benefit from this? Did you increase their knowledge of business applications and improve efficiency or productivity? What kind of training did you conduct (individual, group, CBT)? If you think about the significance of your work and ways that your employer benefited, you can start writing accomplishments that really show the value you bring to the table.- Add a Note about Relocating. You might have done this already, but if not, mention that you are moving to a new area near your contact information. Here’s a link to an article on that explains how you can do this:, I hope this is helpful and I wish you success with your move!Kim Isaacs

  35. Hello,I’m looking to obtain an entry level position in Employee Relations with a company in their Human Resouce department. My challenge is I haven’t recieved any call backs from the resumes I’ve submitted.I’m aware I do not have a lot of experience in this field but my goal is to create a resume that tells the reviewer “She looks like a strong candidate lets bring her in for an interview.”OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position where I can utilize my experience in Human Resources and four plus years of experience as a retail manager.EXPERIENCE:Sept. 2003- Company Name, Costa Mesa,CAPresent Human Resource Representative•Actively recruit candidates through internet sources as well as internal and external postings.•Conducted Hire Right training classes for hiring managers to ensure the right candidates are being hired for the right jobs and maximize the effectiveness of the selection process.•Established a tracking system for candidates applying for our Underwriting positions.•Coordinated Job Fairs and Open Houses to actively recruit for open positions.•Received and resolved employee and candidates issues via telephone, emails and walk-ins.•Interacted with all levels of management and Human Resource colleagues on a daily basis regarding recruitment strategies, reporting and improvement processes.•Conduct phone screen interviews for prospective employees.•Communicate pre-employment assessment results to applicants and hiring managers.•Coordinate pre-employment reference checks and drug screens.•Liaison between hiring managers and candidates.Dec. 2001- Company Name, Buena Park, CASept. 2003 Assistant Manager• Responsible for training all new hire employees• Handled employee relation issues• Conducted weekly audits of receipts• Interviewed potential employees• Responsible for weekly scheduling• Maintained a high level of customer service and customer satisfactionAreas of Strength:• Strong communication skills• Analytical problem solver• Time management skills• Driven to learn and apply new ideas• Ability to multitask and perform a wide array of duties• Experienced in balancing priorities for short term and long term goals.Computer Applications:• Windows XP• Microsoft Word• Microsoft Outlook• Microsoft Excel• PowerPoint

  36. Kim,Thank you so much for your advice! I have begun making the revisions you suggested and look forward to feeling more confident about my resume.Sandra

  37. Hi Kamisha,Thank you for submitting your resume for a free critique. I’m sorry to hear that your resume hasn’t been generating calls for interviews. You have nearly five years of HR experience plus retail management experience, so you have excellent credentials and you should be getting interview invitations! Here are a few suggestions:- Add a Summary Section. This will allow you to spotlight your strongest credentials. Check out an HR resume sample from to see how a Summary can be used: Add a Key Skills Section. Refer to the above sample to see how a bulleted “Skills” section can help bring your HR credentials to the forefront. I would keep it focused on HR-related skills, and not more general skills like “time management.” The ones you’ve listed tend to be overused, and hiring managers may just gloss over them.- Revise Your Employment Section. You have impressive accomplishments, but they would be stronger if you expanded on the benefits of your HR initiatives. For example, how many candidates do you typically source and for what level positions? How has the tracking system saved time or money? What challenging employee issues did you help resolve? What recommendations have you given management to improve employee relations or other HR functions? If you think about how your employer benefited from your performance, your Employment section will be much stronger! Also, you have excellent transferable skills from your former retail position, so don’t be afraid to elaborate on your accomplishments there — especially ones related to HR, training, employee development, etc.- Proofread Your Resume. As an HR person, your resume should be squeaky clean. You have errors like inconsistent use of periods after bullets, incorrect capitalization (like “job fairs” and “open houses”), missing hyphenation for compound adjectives, and non-parallel sentence structure in your bullets. Also, your previous jobs should be written in past tense. Give your resume a thorough proofreading before you distribute it.I hope this helps. Good luck to you — I hope your job search turns around!Kim Isaacs

  38. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.SUMMARY- Self motivated, detail oriented and energetic professional with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels of an organization with extensive experience in administrative industries.EXPERIENCE2/90 to presentADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Maintain all business operations in the absence of the CEO. Ensure timely handling and confidentiality of all business related materials. Serve as liaison between customers and production plants as well as customers and CEO/Owner. Responsible for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable using QuickBooks Pro 2007. Update and maintain client database. Handle all Banking. Track all customer orders and deliveries. Perform a variety of administrative and secretarial functions such as researching files and managing incoming correspondence including product orders. Receive, screen and accept incoming phone calls, visitors, and mail and provide prompt responses to all inquiries. Maintain an effective filing/record keeping system.7/03 to presentREAL ESTATE SALES Have thorough knowledge of housing market in the area. Research available housing by types, pricing and location. Prepare comparables for prospective Buyers and Sellers. Negotiate Purchase and Sale agreements. Follow-up on potential client inquiries. Deal with Buyers and Sellers, one on one, in a professional manner.SUPPORT STAFF To the Chairman of the Board, Account Executives and the Customer Service Department.ADMINISTRATOR of CONTRACT PROCESSING CHANNELRECEPTIONIST/SWITCHBOARD OPERATOREducationGraduated High SchoolReceived Real Estate LicenseReceived Real Estate License

  39. Kim – I am applying for a position as a marketing planning specialist for a shoe company. Can you offer any advice? Thanks!ProfileNewly degreed marketing professional seeking to leverage education and experience in a marketing management position. Talent for quickly mastering new skills; superior self- and project-management; poised and competent with demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse internal and external customers; instinctive problem solver; skilled negotiator.ExperienceRetail Sales Associate, Provided high-level customer service as evidenced by positive customer feedback and accolades. Achieved daily sales goals on a consistent basis using the 1, 2, 3 sales strategy. Assisted in store operations including merchandising, markdowns, product shipments, sales floor replenishment, cleaning and organizing. Promoted and adhered to the brand promise, image and identityRealtor®, Sales recognition: Leadership Circle Member 2004, 2005 & 2006 only top 4% of sales people achieve this level of performance each year. Superior client relationship management skills resulting in a 54% referral rate year over year. Trusted advisor to an 80% first-time-homebuyer client base. Effectively educating and guiding each client through the home-buying process for a 100% satisfaction rating. Ability to translate technical data into actionable solutions for clients. Performed comparative market analysis for all potential listings. Of listings obtained, 90% closed with an average market time of 60 days demonstrating effective pricing strategy.Marketing Manager, Maintained excellent rapport with media vendors to encourage editorial preference. Received more than a dozen requests for article interviews, sponsorship opportunities and preferred placement. Managed a three-person staff and a $250,000 annual marketing budget to ensure compliance with the corporate brand and mission; achieved goals within the budget parameters. Implemented business development programs to identify 700 prospects and three new business partners. Resulted in a 17% increase of billable hours. Prepared target market analysis to identify additional revenue streams. Achieved desired outcome with addition of twenty new industry-specific clients. Recognized in January 2000, after only 5 months of employment, with a “Tribute to Excellence” award – awarded to only one of 180 branch employees. Performed target market analysis to identify additional revenue streams. Achieved desired outcome with addition of twenty new industry-specific clients.Marketing Associate/Corporate Events Manager Developed corporate relationships with local event-related organizations as resources for future events; negotiated service contracts to comply with event budgets. Planned and implemented a technology awards program recognizing local technology pioneers: attended by more than 500 business leaders; raised awareness and profile of this non-profit. Directed the re-branding effort of the Minnesota Technology awards. Resulted in higher visibility throughout the state and a 30% increased participation in the event. Administered the application and submission process for the Minnesota Technology Awards Scholarship program. Five, $1000 scholarships awarded to high school students.Marketing Assistant Level II, Managed all aspects of the Entrepreneur of the Year® (EOY) Awards program, including soliciting nominations and sponsorships; collaborating on collateral material development; negotiating venue and vendor contracts; securing a high-profile judging panel; promoting local advertising and stories. Performed industry analysis used in requests for proposals to secure new audit and tax clients. Advanced research skills utilizing Hoover’s, Dun & Bradstreet, and other information resources. Collaborated with graphic design and printing professionals to develop sales collateral.Education B.S. Business Administration, , GPA 3.28 Licensed Realtor®

  40. Below is a current resume that I have been wririntg and I am lookong for some professional advice. I am looking for a Marketing Director, Marketing Management, Event Management, Sports Maeketing position. (As an FYI I will have a site setup with samples of work). Obviously formatting is being affected by the cutting/pasting/posting on this site.SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONSA highly motivated marketing director with sixteen years of diversified experience in sports marketing, public relations, relationship building, advertising, sponsorship development and corporate events. Expertise in developing successful business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing strategies that utilize print, online and broadcast mediums. Thrives under pressure and excels in managing multiple projects concurrently with strong detail, problem solving and follow-through capabilities. An effective team leader with a demonstrated ability to manage and motivate cohesive teams that achieve results. Proven ability to deliver consistent growth in revenues and exceed department goals while bringing expenses in under budget. Core competencies include:•Project Management•Strategic Partnerships•Sponsorship Activation•Event Management & Promotion•Public Relations Strategy•Budget Management•Market Research & Analysis•Brand Management•Media Relations•Crisis Communications•Media Buying•Advertising CopywritingPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEMARKETING DIRECTOR DatesXXXXX Company, City, StateDirect all marketing efforts including corporate events, public relations and advertising for five national publications, three local publications and ten affiliated websites. Conceptualize and design all corporate logos, sales collateral, websites, presentation materials, press and media kits, exhibit booths and graphics to create consistent, dynamic and professional branding. Support the growth of advertising and subscription revenues through strategic, integrated marketing efforts across multiple platforms including print and broadcast advertisements, email newsletters, online campaigns, sweepstakes, video streaming and circulation promotions. Oversee the creative design and copywriting of all advertising efforts including direct mail pieces, subscription inserts and website banners. Write and publish 60 special advertising sections and two stand alone publications. Spearhead and execute new publication launches and identify potential marketing and content partnerships to drive revenues and brand awareness. Direct all public relations activities including the writing of press releases. Hire, train and motivate department employees. Create, manage and monitor department budgets.Selected Accomplishments•Manage a six person marketing department that annually conceives, designs and implements more than 700 branding projects, 80 public relations initiatives and has been recognized for excellence in writing and advertising design by the awarding of three Silver Davey Awards, two Communicator Awards of Distinction, two Gold Create Awards, one Silver Create Award and several Florida Magazine Association Awards.•Identify, negotiate and maintain marketing partnerships with CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Asian Golf Monthly, NCAA, TVN, CSTV and The Wall Street Journal.•Executed online brand awareness campaigns that increased website visitors more than 400%.•Successfully market and manage annual corporate events that include hosting more than 150 clients at The Masters, planning and executing a three-day Resort Marketing Conference, planning and exhibiting at six major industry conventions and promoting and executing seven consumer golf shows and twenty golf events annually.•Play a key role in a business development team that has successfully expanded our brands by launching two magazines, four social networking websites and establishing a video production division that has led to the construction of an onsite television studio, the integration of streaming video on all corporate websites and expanded the reach of Golfweek HDTV programming to more than 50 million homes via cable and satellite distribution.MARKETING DIRECTOR DatesXXXXX Company, City, StateOversaw all event management and marketing efforts for the XXXXX Company.Developed annual marketing plans and budgets, negotiated advertising contracts and executed media buys. Conceptualized print, broadcast and outdoor advertising campaigns, wrote advertising copy and supervised the design of all creative elements. Implemented and executed a comprehensive public relations plan, maintained good working relationships with media outlets, wrote and distributed press releases and pitched public interest stories. Generated leads and presented custom proposals to potential sponsors, event planners, wholesale travel partners to generate corporate events, meetings and golf tournaments. Negotiated event contracts and had primary oversight of event execution, problem resolution, staff supervision and coordination of facility operations and hospitality services. Coordinated accommodation and transportation needs for each event. Activated event and facility sponsorship programs and ensured all contracted elements were executed. Maintained beneficial relationships with local business leaders and worked in tandem with tourism officials to secure conventions, meetings and sporting events for the area.Selected Accomplishments•Annually executed a successful PGA Champions Tour event that drew more than 110,000 spectators and raised more than $400,000 each year for local charities. Event responsibilities included: media relations, merchandising, sponsorship development and activation.•Secured and hosted more than 85 events per year.•Increased key accounts revenue 40% during my tenure.•Established new single month and annual sales records for our facility.•Increased revenues 20% while realizing marketing department expense savings of 16%.SPONSORSHIP DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR DatesXXXXX Company, City, StatePrimary liaison between the Tour and the Tour’s event sponsors, event management companies and benefitting charities. Researched and identified potential Tour and event sponsors. Created and presented sponsorship proposals, negotiated final sponsorship agreements and worked in conjunction with the sponsor to implement custom marketing programs. Monitored all sponsorship programs to ensure hospitality, promotional and signage requirements were fulfilled. Maintained year round relationships with sponsors to ensure event sponsorships were renewed, and new marketing and promotional opportunities were developed. Analyzed and evaluated host cities and recommended Tour expansion opportunities. Formulated event budgets, business plans and public relations campaigns. Negotiated and executed event contracts and was responsible for verifying all deposits were paid, legal requirements were fulfilled and all monetary deliverables met. Planned and directed advertising policies and programs for each event, negotiated media buys and supervised the production of collateral materials and advertisements.Selected Accomplishments•Successful in increasing XXXXX Company Tour sponsorships and purses more than 25% while increasing charitable donations generated by each event.•Secured and maintained major event sponsorships with Fleet Bank, Brighthouse Networks, PaineWebber, Lucent Technologies, Lincoln Financial, M&T Bank, Bulova and Hewlett-Packard.•Set up the volunteer committee structure for each event and assisted in the recruiting, training and motivating of more than 100 volunteers needed for each tournament’s operation.•Planned and coordinated all aspects of the 2000 and 2001 tournament organizer conferences including writing and publishing of the XXXXX Company Tour Event Production Manual.PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONSAmerican Marketing Association, American Advertising Federation, Florida Magazine Association, Meeting Professionals International, National Association of Sports Commissions, International Network of GolfAssociation of Golf MerchandisersEDUCATIONXXXXX UNIVERSITY, City, StateEconomicsJanuary 1988 – May 1991

  41. Hi Kathy,Thank you for submitting your resume for a free critique! Here are some ideas for improving your resume:- Add a Career Focus: It’s great that you mentioned that you have extensive experience in the admin field, but is that your goal? The hiring manager would probably assume that it is, but then would be confused after seeing your recent real estate sales work. If admin is your goal, you should say so and avoid any confusion.- Add Accomplishments. You can take your resume to the next level by showing how you contributed positively to office operations. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help draw out your contributions:* Did you organize any events or meetings that positively impacted the company?* Did you win any awards, such as “employee of the month” or “perfect attendance”?* Did you institute any procedures that improved office operations, enhanced customer service, or reduced costs?* Have you used technology to improve support functions? Have you created effective PowerPoint presentations? Did you build a customer database to improve tracking, reporting, and customer service?* Did you demonstrate the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment, while maintaining an emphasis on quality?* Did you assist with any special projects, such as creation of a newsletter or direct-mail campaign? What were the results of the projects?* Have customers or clients commended you for providing excellent service?* Did you train or orient other staff on office policies and procedures?Best wishes,Kim Isaacs

  42. Personal Data:SKILLS/QUALIFIERS:Proven skills in strategic and tactical sales, business development, planning, organizingOEM Design and project managementAdvanced consultative, problem solving, negotiation and decision making skillsStrong PC skills; demonstrated proficiency with a variety of software program applications including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Windows, Photoshop, word art, and InternetExcellent listening and communication skills; the ability to comprehend and clearly communicate in written, discussion and presentation formatsDemonstrated ability to work effectively with a wide range of individualsExceptional skills in collaborating with clients and staff and in developing and maintaining long-term supportive relationshipsAbility to organize time effectively, priorities, meet deadlines, and move work forwardAbility to assess the effectiveness of processes and procedures and recommend improvementsAbility to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions, and percentages.National Account ManagerNovember 2005 to currentDirected& managed sales efforts, set objectives for retail sales force consistent with company goals and objectives, recruited and trained new support and sales staff. Working directly for the manufacture in China, designed and implemented business plan to work in the US market, through market and research analysis, target market analyst and lead generation. Managing the day-to-day business of all special projects and overseeing product planning from concept development to platform. Establish relationships with key individuals in the Fine Jewelry and fashion industry, large retail chain stores, license, branded and patent design companies. Selling medium to high-end stainless steel jewelry. Design OEM marketing initiatives and channel marketing programs: including packaging, displays, and marketing material. Plan and execute presents at National Trade show as well attend several International Trade Shows. Develop and manage annual business / action plans to include sales growth, weekly and monthly reports: forecasting, product tracking, marketplace trends, new business development avenues and competitive updates.Union Steward, Organizer and TrainerJanuary 2000 – November 2005Efficiently and strategically organized xxxxxx call center, in 2 months. Cold calling employees and scheduling house calls to recruit them as committee members, trained them to increase membership and participation within their work group. On-site union representative for xxxxx following the vote: scheduled and conducted union orientations for 450 xxxx workers, training 30 union stewards, diplomatically worked with HR as well as all levels of management to integrate the union into the workplace, overcoming strong animosity and working through ambiguous contract language. Negotiated vacation schedules, grievance procedures and protocols, setting up standards of work relations and expectations.Outside Sales RepresentativeJanuary 2000 – November 2005Built long lasting effective relationships with existing and potential local business’s in order to sell data, voice, wireless, and long distance services. Implemented booths in several local events to generate leads through community awareness and incentives. Called upon local business’s utilizing consultative approach, offering them new products and services that would increase their company’s productivity. I continually exceeded all monthly sells and product participation goals. Successfully built effective and long lasting business relationship’s with existing and potential customers.Sales and Catering ManagerApril 1996 – January 2000Responsible for the sales, marketing, coordination and management of all catering events, working closely with clients to create a unique event experience. Worked aggressively in developing new markets and clientele through outbound solicitation calls, direct mail, networking, bridal and trade show event participation, created adds for local advertising, maintained continuous knowledge of direct competition, contract negotiation, event planning and event follow through.Education:PCC Sylvania, 1995-1996, Mt Hood Community College, 1992-1994, Leadership School, University of Iowa, September 2004, Labor Education and Resource Center Certification Program, University of Oregon, 2004Training:Certified Vulpor Sales Course, April 2004, Diversity Pluralism Workshop, January 2000, Presentation Skills, April 2003, Communication Skills March 2004

  43. Hi Amy,Thanks for posting your resume! I think you have an excellent start, and here are some ideas for improvement:- Include a Job-Specific Goal. It’s great that you’re including your target career field in your Profile section, but you can also mention the specific opportunity that you’re pursuing within the shoe company. This will show the company that you are particularly interested in working for them. This means having multiple versions, but the more targeted you can be, the more success you’ll have.- Quantify Your Accomplishments. This is especially important for your current/recent positions, because that is what hiring managers will read first. As a sales associate, are you able to provide specific sales results (you can use percentage increase if you’re not able to specify dollar amounts)? In what ways did you promote the brand image and identity? What merchandising strategies contributed to an increase in sales?- Proofread Your Document. Correct any errors like nonparallel sentence structure in your bullets and hyphenation errors.- Add a Key Skills Section. You have excellent experience as a marketing manager and marketing associate, but the skills get lost at the bottom of your resume. Instead, add a Key Skills section below your Profile and load it with marketing-related keywords. This will allow employers to scan through your list and see that you have important job-related skills, and may help you get found in electronic keyword searches.I hope this helps. Best wishes for a successful job search!Kim Isaacs

  44. Hi Alfred,Your resume is excellent, and I just have a few suggestions:- Remove some of the statements in your Summary section that are very general and overused (like attention to detail, problem solving, etc.). Also, you can use the Summary to include some of your strongest achievements — this will give employers an idea of how you would help them achieve company goals.- Edit down the “job description” paragraphs under each position so that your accomplishments can be more prominent.- Try to vary your word choice to make the content more interesting (for example, you use “successful” a number of times).- Proofread your resume to correct any errors (for example, add a hyphen to “six-person marketing department”).Thanks for submitting your resume, and good luck in your job search!Kim Isaacs

  45. Hi Kat,Would you post your career goal? It’s helpful to know what type of position you’re targeting with this resume. Also, do you use bullets in your resume (like in your “Skills/Qualifiers” section), or are you using paragraph format?I look forward to hearing from you.Kim Isaacs

  46. This resume was created for a specific job. I am concerned that I may seem “overqualified” (I’m not fond of that term!) AND my resume is more than one page- will that be an issue?For your reference here is the Job Posting:Seeking a qualified Marketing Coordinator. Our ideal candidate will assist the Marketing Director in marketing and new business developments. As part of the Marketing team you will provide awide range of marketing administrative and organizational support including general research,clerical, generating statistical reports and project based work. As the MarketingCoordinator, you projects a professional company image through in-person and phoneinteraction. You are a critical team member whose focus is to provideexceptional support to ensure smooth team operations. You must possess excellent organization & communication skills, and have an eye for detail. Self-motivated, comfortable workingindependently, with the ability to work within tight deadlines.MY RESUME:GOAL: MARKETING COORDINATORCAREER STATEMENT: Sharp, experienced, results-oriented marketing coordinator and business development specialist with a positive attitude. Proven track record in successful execution of marketing projects and establishment of valuable business partnerships. Adept at market research and identifying marketing development opportunities while strategizing to maximize use of available assets for increased brand distribution/awareness.SUMMARY OF SKILLS• Managing and prioritizing multiple tasks/ departments• Excellent organization, communication & follow-through• Detail oriented, creative thinker and problem solver• Polished written and verbal communication skills• Strong interpersonal and analytical ability• Comfortable working in a deadline-driven environment• Resourceful and motivated self-starter, able to work independently & with teams• Ability to read and analyze statistical market data• Effective public speaking and presentation abilities• Proficient in Mac & PC applications, MSOffice, Filemaker Pro, AS400 & experience using QuarkEXPERIENCEMarketing and Business Development Coordinator, Company Name7/2004 – PresentImage based marketing, business development and event support in the medical field. Create and execute marketing plans and community outreach projects including: goal setting, market research, reporting and administrative team support. Create marketing collateral packages. Coordinate internal and external requests for marketing operations assistance. Design and organize client meetings and events including all venue/vendor sourcing and budget management.Selected accomplishments:• Increased client referrals 25% by conducting in-person meetings and consistent client management• Acquisition of 2 major national client contracts in 3 months through presented sales proposals• Created cohesive company marketing collateral packages including logo development & printing• Streamlined client file organization by the creation of excel based spreadsheets to track client contact & sales resultsBusiness Development Project Manager, Company Name1/2006 – 5/2007Appointed lead business development strategist for initial contact with new clients. Specialized in relationship building and retention of high-profile clientele (deleted: MAJOR COMPANY NAMES HERE). Established guidelines and schedule for completion of printing projects. Entrusted with highly confidential art development responsibilities. Contributed to development of custom and original artwork through collaboration with artists and graphic designers. Completed copyright clearances. Maintained archival files of all artwork and applicable information. Executed all functions of production from initial contact through on-time delivery of finished goods. Designated as trainer of new project managers. Selected accomplishments:• Increased efficiencies & reduced production turnaround time 25% by utilizing functional prioritization• Reduced cancelled orders 30% and salvaged the threatened loss of key accounts by initiating daily and weekly communications reports and focusing on personalized client supervision• Recognized Client Relationship Specialist and preferred project manager by major national accounts• Key contributor in improvement of inter-departmental project flow by assisting in the establishment of real-time based deadlines for order entry and job order release• Improved office efficiency by initiating purchase order requirements and pre-production checklists implemented by company president for use throughout customer service department and included in new client information packets• Strengthened inter-departmental relationships by practicing team focused recognition and open communication• Won the respect of all department managers, company president and owner as recognized by receiving MVP employee of the quarter award January 2007Page TwoMarketing Manager, Company Name7/2002 – 7/2004Created and implemented successful internal and external store marketing programs. Directed all details of marketing, public relations, event production and promotional programs. Published and maintained monthly community marketing calendar. Identified new and profitable promotional opportunities. Collaborated with vendors, local organizations, and management team to develop fresh marketing strategies for increased brand recognition. Negotiated vendor contracts. Projected and evaluated all event participation. Responsible for monthly reporting of budget and cost reconciliation. Provided marketing support and training to multiple managers, departments and product lines. Established consistent image of company branding.Selected accomplishments:• Increased quarterly store traffic 12% and sales 10% consistently since implementation of marketing program• Exceeded company mandated store events by 50%• Launched first-time store wellness fairs and educational classes (e.g. deleted examples of fairs and educational classes that were launched)• Initiated unprecedented participation in community events (e.g., deleted examples of community event participation)• Increased holiday catering orders 35% by educating staff in store offerings and recognizing weekly team performance• Achieved successful placement of press releases and store coverage in local newspapers• Managed large marketing program on small marketing budget by effectively soliciting vendor contributions and utilizing community partnerships• Successfully attained employee participation in community & store activities while strengthening store moraleEDUCATIONTRADE SCHOOL NAME HERE1995-1998Associate of ArtsMarketing/ Product DevelopmentMAJOR UNIVERSITY NAME HERE1992-1995Communications Major

  47. Hi Kim,I am planning on relocating to NJ or CA in August ’08. I have made two resumes just switching where I’m relocating to in the address section of my resume. I stated next to my address “Relocating to South Jersey in August 2008” and the same for the CA resume. Everything else is the same. Is this a good place to put this or should I add an objectives line and state it there? Also, I wasn’t sure how to add that I am currently taking MBA classes, I hope what I did was ok. Thank you in advance for your help! I really appreciate it!———————————————————————————————-SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONSHighly organized and detail-focused Financial Analyst with the ability to accurately handle financial reporting in deadline-oriented environments. Expertise in developing and delivering monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports for management within tight deadlines. Proven ability to identify and implement improvements to streamline processes and increase efficiency and productivity. Strong communication, customer service, and organizational skills which have contributed in recovering over $2.4 million dollars in outstanding invoices. Excellent computer skills; proficient with Microsoft Office Suite, Oracle Financials, Hyperion and able to learn proprietary systems/applications quickly and easily.________________________________________EDUCATIONBachelor’s Degree in Economics, 2005RUTGERS UNIVERSITY – New Brunswick, New Jersey3.2 G.P.A for last two yearsDean’s List Spring 2004University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA – Currently enrolled in graduate MBA courses.________________________________________PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEPAREXEL Consulting – Lowell, Massachusetts3/2007 – PresentFinancial Analyst Prepare monthly profit and loss analysis of actual performance versus budget and forecast Prepare revenue reconciliations for the North America and South Europe divisions Assist with Forecast and Bonus preparation by preparing a monthly utilization report detailing the direct labor expected by each consultant per pay period versus the Actual and Budgeted labor hours Partner with various teams to identify and present recommendations for processes improvements Reduce the backlog inaccuracy by reconciling the financials of projects that have been completedPAREXEL Consulting – Lowell, Massachusetts 9/2006 – 3/2007Project Management Assistant Managed the finances of a large set of domestic and international consulting projects Reduced overall revenue recognition issues every month by closely managing project expenses Proactively researched and rectified unbilled/deferred and non-payment issues with the A/R and A/P departments Effectively worked with the Billing department to ensure accurate and timely invoices were sent to the client Honored with the “Above and Beyond” award for consistently providing support and assistance to the financial management of projects as well as setting a strong foundation for the Project Management Assistant role.Investors Bank and Trust – Boston, Massachusetts 11/2005 – 9/2006Custody Fund Accountant Calculated NAV prices for equity, foreign equity, and municipal bonds Demonstrated talent for quickly learning new tasks and completing assignments ahead of schedule while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and thus promoted in less than 3 months to a high pace desk Prioritized tasks to ensure daily deadlines as well as month end duties were completed on time Trained new personnel and was the “go to” person for co-workers Consistently sought out more responsibilities and new challenges

  48. Hi Suzanne,Thanks very much for posting your resume! It’s okay that your resume is more than one page. In fact, you will need two pages to adequately showcase your accomplishments and skills. Your resume is a very good start, and here are my suggestions for improvement:- It’s a great strategy to use the job ad to tailor your resume, but I think your adaptation is a little too much. It looks like the desired skills from the job posting were paraphrased in your Summary of Skills. Try to vary your word choice, and also *show* that you have the desired skills by providing related examples in your work history. Also, some of the skills in your Summary of Skills section are overused/clichéd, like “detail oriented,” “polished communication skills,” and “motivated self-starter” — it seems like everyone is claiming skills like this, so employers are glossing over such statements. Instead, turn your Summary into a “value proposition” that is loaded with accomplishments and ways you would benefit the employer if hired.- In marketing, written communication skills are crucial, so you should clean up the writing so that it’s perfect. For example, change “Acquisition of…” to “Acquired two major…” to make the sentences parallel.- It’s also important to demonstrate results and outcomes in your field, so try to elaborate on how your work benefited the bottom line. For example, you “increased client referrals by 25%” — how does that translate to increased revenues?I hope this helps. Wishing you all the best!Kim Isaacs

  49. Hi Geraldine,Yes, adding a line about your relocation near your current address is a great strategy! You should also mention your intention to move in your cover letter. It’s harder to find an out-of-state position, but firmly stating your plan to move can help you not get overlooked. This article might be helpful:Rev Up Your Resume to Relocate: really like your resume and just have a couple of ideas for improvement:- Reverse the Order of Your Schools. I would place the MBA studies first. Also, why did you state your GPA at Rutgers was 3.2 for the last two years? It looks like you’re trying to hide your overall GPA. Would your major GPA be higher? If so, include that!- Add Accomplishments. You have excellent work experience for a fairly new grad, and I would capitalize on that by emphasizing your accomplishments. Contributions to your current employer are especially important. Can you quantify cost-savings of the inaccuracies that you uncovered? What recommendations did you present to various teams that had (or are expected to have) positive outcomes? How is your employer in a better financial position as a result of your reporting and analysis?Best wishes for a successful job search and good luck with your move!Kim Isaacs

  50. Dear Kim,I am currently looking fo a new job for the first time in 7 years. I’m an attorney specializing in discovery management; jobs in this area tend to be project-based and can last from a few weeks to several months or eaven a few years. Due to physical challenges and recent health problems, I’m focusing on work I can do as a consultant/contractor (but I wouldn’t turn down the right permanent position, if offered).I’m submitting a version of my resume with an objective statement — something hiring partners at law firms frown upon, but is required by other job search agencies. I’d appreciate help on making this statement more substantial. Also, I’m concerned about References. A firm I recently worked for has a policy of not providing these; they will only give prospective employers verification that I worked for that company and the length of time I worked there. Additionally, some of the places I previously worked for have gone out of business; or, the references Ithat I had at other places have long since left or (sadly) passed away. How do I handle requests for such references?Thank you so much for your help!CherylCHERYL M. EARLE3407 Old Dobbin Road, Montgomery, Alabama 36116-1903Home Phone: 334-215-3706 Cell Phone: 334-233-2631 Fax: 334-273-0477 E-mail: chemarle@yahoo.comOBJECTIVEMid-level position managing legal discovery and document review with opportunity to assist attorneys with civil litigationBAR ADMISSIONAlabama State Bar, 1999LAW-RELATED EXPERIENCELaw Firm, AlabamaResearch Attorney for Special Projects, Mass Torts Department, November 2001 – February 2008• Managed Multi-District Litigation (MDL) Document Depository (September 2002 to February 2008)o Reviewed more than 1 million pages of evidentiary documents for litigation purposes and for inclusion in electronic databaseso Coordinated document review assignments with attorneys at local depository and at other sites across the USo Retrieved, reviewed and coded documents in Concordance and Summation legal databaseso Prepared memoranda and spreadsheets providing detailed analysis of discovery materials• Aided attorneys and support staff with processing and preparation of personal injury claims and litigationo Conducted legal research and drafted pleadingso Conducted supplementary online research for additional documents and information pertinent to litigationo Assisted with preparation of correspondence to clients and referring attorneyso Contacted clients for additional information needed in case preparation, litigation, and potential settlementso Prepared and input case intakes and referrals into databaseLaw School, AlabamaStudent Intern, Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program (ADAP), August 1996 – June 1997• Participated in law school clinical program under third-year law student practice rule (as authorized by Alabama Supreme Court)o Assisted attorneys and advocates in cases involving mentally ill patients confined to state mental health facilitieso Interviewed clients in person (at state facilities) and over the phoneo Worked with clients, attorneys, and social workers to investigate and resolve issues concerning involuntary confinement and treatmento Aided in legal research on an appellate brief submitted to the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit (ruling granted in favor of our client)Faculty Research Assistant for Library Services, Bounds Law Library, March 1996 – June 1997• Prepared research and teaching materials for law school faculty; worked 20 hours per week while matriculating 10-15 hours per semester)o Investigated copyright issues related to procuring and reproducing texts for academic useo Conducted legal research using WESTLAW, LEXIS and the InternetADDITIONAL RELEVANT EXPERIENCEManufacturing Company (MC), Montgomery, AlabamaAdministrative Assistant and Cost Analyst, Materials Purchasing Department, April 1999 – September 2001• Assisted materials buyers in negotiating and preparing commodities contracts between raw materials suppliers and MC for manufacturing plants in the US and Mexicoo Assisted Legal Department at MC’s corporate headquarters with coordination and preparation of documents for litigationo Notified and educated suppliers about MC’s freight-on-board policy and its corresponding Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) provisions; result was the reduction of freight claims for both the company and its supplierso Prepared contracts and purchase orders for raw materials and capital projects involving plant maintenanceo Solicited price quotations from current vendors and established Excel spreadsheet format which simplified quote submission process and allowed MC to track and compare usage volumes and costs over timeo Prepared and analyzed cost reports used by materials buyers and production planners in purchasing decisions, including cost reductions, materials consolidation, and selection of vendorso Acted as liaison between vendors and the Purchasing, Transportation and Accounting Departments on issues concerning inbound freight, commercial carriers, and payment terms for commodities, resulting in reductions in freight costs and greater payment discounts for raw materialso Established online databases and printed directories for the Purchasing Department, allowing buyers to have easier and faster access to current vendor informationo Completed Year 2000 (Y2K) compliance project, which involved data collection and communication with MC’s past, present, and potential materials suppliers and service providersNot-For-Profit Organization, AlabamaAdministrative Assistant, Combined Federal Campaign, September 1998 – January 1999• Aided Campaign Director with 1998 Federal Campaigns (CFCs) in City 1 and City 2, which together generated nearly $700,000 for more than 1,000 local, national and international charitieso Prepared weekly reports on donations using WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Excel and dBase IVo Wrote script for Talent Showcase at City 1’s 1998 CFC Kickoffo Assisted Director with merger of the City 1 and City 2 CFCs in 1999Regional Bank, AlabamaAdministrative Assistant, Year 2000 (Y2K) Department, March – June 1998• Worked with Vice President of Corporate Projects on short-term project for the bank’s Y2K Departmento Analyzed and processed data on Y2K readiness for all branches of Bank throughout the southeastern USo Organized meetings for personnel of Banko Communicated with vendors of computer hardware, software, and office equipment to request information on Y2K complianceo Prepared compliance files for Federal Reserve auditso Prepared in-house memoranda and reports using Microsoft Word and ExcelRecord/Music Promotion Company, AlabamaRecord Pool Co-Founder; Office Manager, September 1990 – December 1991• Co-founded record pool to enhance promotion of music in Alabama and the southeastern USo Procured and distributed records from major and independent labels for club, radio and mobile disc jockeyso Coordinated jointly sponsored promotional events with record companies, radio stations and clubso Designed, wrote, and published bi-weekly reports and brochures to inform the music industry of the progress and popularity of music and performers in the region, with specific focus on the Alabama music sceneMajor University, AlabamaGraduate Research Assistant, AUM Department of Marketing, June 1989 – August 1990• Worked 13-20 hours per week as a research assistant to Marketing faculty while carrying a full course load in the MBA programo Analyzed consumer surveys used in academic researcho Assisted Conference Chairperson with coordination for Atlantic Marketing Association (AMA) annual meeting (October 1989)o Co-authored five-year index and classification of AMA Proceedings (published Fall 1991)EDUCATIONLaw School, AlabamaJuris Doctor (JD), 1997• Scholarshipso Seybourn H. Lynne Scholarship, 1996-97o Dexter C. Hobbs Memorial Scholarship, 1995-96o E. W. Godbey Memorial Scholarship, 1994-95• Honorso Who’s Who Among American Law School Students, 1996-94o Arthur Davis Shores Award, 1997• Activitieso Frederick Douglass Moot Court Team Manager, 1996-97 Southern Regional Competition, Second Place National Competition, Eighth Placeo John A. Campbell Moot Court Competition, Spring 1996o Black Law Students Association Delegate, BLSA National Convention, 1997 Co-Chairperson, Public Relations Committee, 1996-97 Chairperson, Public Relations Committee, 1995-96 BLSA President’s Award, 1996 and 1997o American Bar Association, 1996-97 Entertainment and Sports Industries Forum Intellectual Property Section Law Student Divisiono LAWS Student Group Leader, 1995-96Major University, AlabamaMaster of Business Administration (MBA), 1990Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.), 1988(Major: Marketing – Advertising and Promotion Track)• Honorso Dean’s List• Activitieso National Student Advertising Competition Team, 1988-90 Seventh District Competition: Third Place, 1990o Marketing Club, 1987-90 Vice President – Career Development, 1988-89o Public Relations/Advertising (PR/AD) Club, 1988-90 Charter Member, 1988 Active in fund-raising and membership driveso Theater Guild, 1988-90 Screening Committee, 1989REFERENCESAvailable upon request

  51. Hi Cheryl,Thank you for posting your resume! Regarding references, it’s pretty typical for former employers to have policies limiting what they say during reference checks, so employers are used to that. You should, however, have a solid list of 3-5 contacts who are familiar with the quality of your work and would rave about you. Can you track down former colleagues? The internet and social networking sites like Facebook are great for reconnecting with old coworkers. Also, you might have to think creatively about references — you can use professors, past clients, people you know from nonprofit work, etc.I think your resume is an excellent start. I understand including an “Objective” section for the online forms, but I suggest you turn it into a “Qualifications Summary” and emphasize your strongest credentials. We’ve worked with many attorneys across all fields, and they’ve all been successful using a Summary section — even on the version that goes out to law firms. We have a sample resume for a corporate attorney — his specialty area is different, but this will give you an idea of what you can include in your Summary: only other change I would make on your resume is to add more accomplishments to your work experience. The “Law-Related Experience” is very focused on job tasks, and you can make this stronger by including the outcomes or results of your work.Also, you don’t need to say, “References available” – that’s overused and understood that you should have references if you’re looking for a job.Good luck to you!Kim Isaacs

  52. Hi Kim, no I did not put my career goal on the resume. I am looking for an senior sales position. I do not use bullets I use paragraph format. I am new at looking for a job, I understand that I should put a career goal on the resume??

  53. *** Resume posted for SN:———————————-Hi Kim,For a little background, I was laid off in the fall of 2002 and could not find employment in the IT field. For a while, I helped care for a parent and now, due to a change in my status (impending divorce) it is necessary that I return to the workforce. I would like to stay in my field, and know I should go back for some education, but would like to make sure it will be related to my new job, along with being able to afford it. Since I know I have been out of my field for a while, I don’t have a problem reentering at a lower level….but nothing seems to be working… Any help that you can give me is truly appreciated. Here is what I have so far…RESUMESummary of QualificationsA Business Analyst and Support Specialist with more than 15 years experience as a technical professional creating, delivering and managing processes of ITSM and ITIL best business practices. A results oriented, analytical and detail oriented problem resolution solver with the ability to direct complex projects from concept to fully operational status and the ability to work well with customers, technical personnel and marketing.Technical ExperienceSoftware: CFSW, WPLC, PSLC, RETAIN, SDSF, RSVSF, RMDS, JES2, JES3, ISPF/PDF, TSO/E, SMP/E, MVS, DF/SMS, VTAM, NCP, SNA, RACF, VSAM, NPDA, IDNX, EP, NETVIEW, OPC/ESA, OPC/A, RMF/SAM, SMF, Information Management, TSP, SRC, CRM, VM, VSE, AS/400Basic Skills in IMS, DB2, CICSProgramming Languages: JCL, Clist, Utilities, COBOLOperating Systems: z/OS, OS/390, S390, MVS/ESA, MVS/XA, VM, VSE, DOS, Windows, XP Professional, 98, 95, 2000Office Tools: Lotus 123, Lotus Notes, LOTUS Wordpro, BRIO, Profs, SQL, QMF, Excel, Word, MS Project, Outlook, Outlook ExpressHardware: IBM S/390, AS/400, IDNX, MSS, VM, VSEProfessional ExperienceAdministrative Assistant for IT/Director for County Government 2005Responsibilities: Attended in-house classes on MS Project Management to become oneof the MS Project Administrators. In charge of recommendations, scheduling and enrollingall of the IT Department and Communications Department employees in educational courses.Handled both departments PO’s and invoices and payroll. Updated budget financials and otherdepartmental databases and spreadsheets.XXXXX Corporation 1979 – 2002XXXXXXX, FloridaTechnical Sales and Software Support Specialist /Sr. Business Analyst 1994 – 2002Responsibilities: Performed a full range of technical sales, marketing support, and administration support for Sales Agents, Project Executives and their customers for a Computer Outsourcing group. Provided various services and support for both installed and prospective customers. These services included:Asset Management – XXXXXXX and IT Vendor SoftwareFinancialsOrderingContract Management for all vendor softwareInventory ControlForecastingPricingBusiness AnalysisSoftware and Hardware Pricing InterfaceSales Analysis and ForecastingProject ManagementContract Development InterfaceAR Resolution and Problem SolvingEducation and Training InstructorAccomplishments:• Provided and managed a full scope of asset management services and projects withrelated tasks to Sales and Marketing Agents, along with Project Executives tocommercially outsourced customers. Worked closely with Finance Department forboth XXXXXXX and other IT Vendor software. This included:Inventory management, inventory control including backlogSoftware contract documentationSoftware ordering and purchasingincluding justificationsSoftware financial forecasting for current and future costs• Reviewed and analyzed business and customer requirements for forecastingresources and requirements.• Priced and interfaced with Finance Group for approval of pricing and acquirementrequired for new resources such as hardware, programming and/or applicationsupport services, plus software.• Educated and trained Sales and Marketing Agents, Project Executives in software usesand pricing technologies used on different platforms and architectures, i.e. S390, z/OS.• MS Project Management used and made updates to keep track of all related tasks foreach installed customer.• Interfaced with Contracts department and renegotiated extensions of contracts andamendments for contracts with customers.• Interfaced with AR and customers to resolve billing issues by implementing anddesigning spreadsheets.• Worked on processes for ISO 9000Sr, Business and Procedures Analyst / Systems Engineer 1994 – 1988Provided Consulting and Contract work for XXXCompanys customers for their Information Management software updates, and did problem determination, customization and installations. Did evaluations on their ITSM availability assessments, measurement reporting, outage analysis, DASD and storage capacity, performance and tuning using RMF data. Put together reports using SAS and ITIL business practices. Received a Product Division Marketing Award for Information Management Sales and Performance of Contracts.As a Systems Engineer I had various assignments and customer bases, such as Banks, Credit Card Corporations, or other Financial Consultants, to Government Offices, Telecommunications Industries and Stores. Anything from finding information on hardware or software that the customer requested would like to see, to configuring controllers, and configuring their IDNX networks. I worked on DASD, Storage and tape studies and was a Customer Advocate helping to troubleshoot problems with applications such as CICS, or storage and performance problems. Escalated in the XXXX Support Structure when necessary, and performed problem determination and resolutions (PD/PSI) and kept the customer up-to-date on the status of their problems.Sr. Systems Analyst / Operations 1979 – 1988As a Change/Problem Manager for an XXXXXCompanys Internal Enterprise System, I designed, developed, installed, documented, taught, implemented and managed a Systems Management System for Help Desk, Problem, Change, Recovery, Service Level Agreements, Management Reporting and Configuration Management using Information Management with ties to OPC/A, TSO and Netview . I have also taught educational classes on Information Management and the ITSM disciplines to various other organizations within XXXXXCompany and audited other XXXXXCompany internal sites on their ITSM and ITIL best business practices. Experienced with JCL, OS390, SMP/E, utilities, query programs and Cobol programming. Programmed in Cobol on an Employee Benefits package which was fed by an MSA Payroll package.I had the responsibility for scheduling hardware, software, application, network fixes and changes on six interconnected Mainframe systems, each having different service levels, for which I received a Service Excellence Award for the SMC disciplines. Had the responsibility for being the Lead Senior Operator for six online application systems (Parts, Retain, IMS, CICS, SF Retain, Boulder Retain) and ran Batch application systems on a Global Local Local System with MSS. Worked evening and night shifts and implementedsystem, application and network changes and fixes.SummaryTechnical Sales and Software Support Specialist witha background in OperationsProgramming experienceas a Systems Engineeras an OSS (Operational Support Specialist – problem determination, PD/PSI)as Senior Business Systems Analystexperienced in Asset Managementexperienced in Project Management and ITILbest business practicesexperienced in managing and delivering ITSMand having Consulting and Sales experience

  54. Hi Tiffany,Thank you for submitting your resume — it’s a great start! Here are a few proposed changes to take your resume to the next level:- Add a “Wow” Factor. As a marketing manager or director, I would like to see some of your most impressive marketing projects. Your focus is on your responsibilities (reviewing participants, developing project milestones), but you can make a big impact by emphasizing your accomplishments. Give examples of communication pieces that met or exceeded client expectations, shows that you managed that were well attended, client relationships that led to increased business/contracts, etc. This article might be helpful:”Marketing Resume Tips: Build Your Personal Brand” Add Representative Projects and Outcomes. Include highlights of your client projects in your business section. You don’t have to name your clients, but you can write about branding initiatives you led and the positive benefits for your clients.- Clean Up the Writing. You have minor errors that should be fixed. Examples from the Summary: Change to “14 years’ experience” or “14 years of experience…” Change to “Develop and maintain” because you are writing about yourself (the “I” is assumed, so you would say “I develop,” not “I develops…”). Eliminate overused phrases like “excellent communication skills” — that is a given for a marketing manager at your level. You can also remove the “References Available” line.- Add an Online Folio. If you don’t have one already, create an online career folio or blog that can bring your branded message to life. Once you have established an online presence, you will increase your chances of getting found when an employer or recruiter Googles you.- Include Testimonials. An effective addition to your resume would be testimonials from your clients or employers regarding your marketing leadership accomplishments. You can add a section for testimonials, or sprinkle them throughout your resume. Many of our marketing clients have been successful using this strategy, and I believe it will work for you.I hope this is helpful, and that you find a position that offers you the salary you deserve!Best wishes,Kim Isaacs

  55. Hi Al,You asked, “Do you think there is still an opportunity for me to switch back to Human Resources?” My answer: Definitely!You have excellent HR experience combined with a master’s degree, and you need to repackage yourself so that you sell your HR-related skills and other credentials. I would start by adding your HR goal to your Summary (someone reading your resume would have no idea that you’re pursuing HR), and expanding the Summary to include the top reasons why you are qualified to return to this field. I would also move your Education higher (below the Summary) so employers can readily see that you have the advanced degree. The bachelor’s in psychology is another selling point.Your resume needs to be completely focused on your HR-related qualifications. Scroll up to Comment #38 (March 7) on this thread — I wrote about the importance of expanding on the benefits of HR initiatives in your work history section. Always try to think about the result of your work. For example, you centralized payroll for 500 employees, so did that improve payroll processing speed? Reduce errors? Enhance employee satisfaction? U.S. employers need to see that your past accomplishments in this field are relevant to HR operations here.Your cover letter can explain your circumstances and why you would be valuable to an HR department.You have errors here and there that need to be cleaned up (examples: extra comma in May 1997-98 job’s first bullet and inconsistent use of periods after bullet points). Your resume needs to be perfect for many reasons, and I think correcting errors in your resume will help you get more calls for interviews.Wishing you much success in your job search!Kim Isaacs

  56. Hi Pat,You’re very welcome! Here are my suggestions for improving your resume:- Expand Your Strengths Section. This introduction to your resume is your “value proposition.” Pretend you’re speaking directly to the executive that you will be assisting. How will you make this person’s life easier? How will you help the division run more smoothly? What do you offer that other executive assistants do not?- Add Achievements. Your Experience section would be much more powerful if you wrote about the results of your work. Give examples of how your admin skills contributed positively to the company’s operation. Show that you went the “extra mile” as the trusted assistant to top executives. You have an impressive work history, so give examples of your successes. Make yourself so irresistible to executives that they want to call you…right now!- Remove the “References Available” Line. This is a waste of space as it’s assumed that you have references if you’re in a job search.It’s okay to go to two pages if that’s what it takes to “sell” your qualifications. The “one-page resume rule” no longer applies!Best wishes and good luck to you,Kim Isaacs

  57. Hi Jack,Thank you for submitting your resume for a free critique — you’re the last one in until I re-open this offer!You have impressive experience, but your resume could be improved. Here’s what I think:- You need to address your sabbatical. Were you attending school during this time? Are there other activities you can include? Even work you did as a hobby can be listed in a sabbatical section. It’s better to address it on the resume than to leave employers wondering what you’ve been up to (minds will wander to the worst-case-scenario!).- You’re right that your summary needs work. You can expand this section by focusing on the skills, certifications, and education that are related to your career goal. This section should serve as your “value proposition” — what do you offer potential employers? Why should you be called for interviews?- You should revise your work history so that you focus on the results of your work. How did your technical and leadership skills improve database functioning? What enhancements did you make to improve data management, improve reporting, save time, or save money? You can have a brief paragraph that outlines your general responsibilities under each employer, and follow with a bulleted list of your top projects. Include technical projects completed in school in the Education section. Also, you have a separate “Projects” section, but why isn’t it incorporated in the experience section?- You’ll need more space to highlight your top projects, so you can delete some of the content for older jobs from the 1980s to early 1990s.- You need to proofread your resume and correct any errors (spelling errors like “acquisition” and repeated words like “architecture” need to be fixed before you distribute your resume).I hope this helps. Best wishes for a successful job search!Kim Isaacs