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Proofread Your Resume

Proofread Your Resume

resmagnifierMany hiring managers have stated that typos on a resume can easily disqualify a candidate. That doesn’t stop mistakes from slipping in, and some of them are definitely blooper-worthy. However, it’s not so funny when mistakes on the resume jeopardize a job seeker’s chance for interviews.

Today I received an inquiry from a potential client. He said that he’s not getting any response to his resume and he’s been out of work for 5 months.

When I tried to call him, I dialed a wrong number — turns out the phone number on the resume was incorrect. Of course, I took the time to email him, but what are the chances that a hiring manager would do the same? It’s very likely that the manager would skip to the next resume.

Please take the time to proofread your resume, and get a second pair of eyes to review — it’s usually hard to spot our own mistakes.

  • Noone can be a great critique to their own mistakes. That’s where most of the jobseekers fail. It’s always the best piece of advice to get the resume proofread by someone else (who are adequately qualified for the task). Thanks for sharing this useful tip with us.

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