Resume tips for human resource prosResume Tips for Human Resource Professionals
by Kim Isaacs, Monster Resume Expert

You’re around resumes all day and might have reviewed hundreds or even thousands of them in the search for ideal job candidates. You know what you look for in a resume and have pet peeves that determine which ones will surely land in the circular file. So when it comes time to develop your own resume, you know it has to be perfect.

Is Your Resume a Winner?

Effective HR resumes show that the candidate has a solid understanding of how HR policies impact the overall business mission and goals. Most HR resumes in circulation do a nice job of highlighting job responsibilities (e.g. administer benefits plans, maintain employee relations, ensure legal compliance, etc.). To make your resume stand out, go beyond listing your job functions and show how your services made a real difference to the organization. Examples:

    • Launched Flexible Work Pilot Program, which allows staff to telecommute and has served as a model for the company.
    • Won approval and secured funding for the development of an enhanced HRIS system to support payroll, employee tracking and cost analysis functions. The new system will provide interactive online time/project data entry and personnel records updating.
    • Led implementation of intranet and Internet development. Created secure sites for confidential information and introduced virtual office concept.
    • Exceeded 2011 plan targets for HR, including record-breaking improvement in employee turnover score. In one region, turnover improved by 92 percent in one year. Increased overall employee satisfaction scores by 15 percent in 2010.

Questions to Ask Yourself

    • Did you initiate or develop any new HR policies or procedures that had a positive outcome?
    • Was there a notable improvement in employee retention or satisfaction? Did you help improve employee morale?
    • Have you improved the benefits program or launched new employee benefits?
    • Did you institute effective strategies for screening and recruitment?
    • Did you introduce HR systems that enhanced efficiency?
    • If you train/orient new or existing staff, how many people have you trained?
    • Have you revamped compensation packages or employee job responsibilities to attract and retain qualified employees?
    • Were you involved in any organizational development initiatives, such as integrating two organizations after a merger, downsizing or expanding?
    • If you deal with union staff, did you participate in negotiations that led to a favorable outcome for the staff and company?
    • Did you serve on any teams or committees? Complete any special projects? Did you participate in any leadership initiatives that resulted in positive organizational change?
    • If you have budgetary responsibilities, how have you performed in meeting your budget? Did you implement cost-saving measures that had a direct impact on the bottom line?

Examples of Keywords You Can Add to Your Resume

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