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Resume Writing Tip: Don’t Let Your Resume Get Skipped

Resume Writing Tip: Don’t Let Your Resume Get Skipped

TivoI held out for a long time before signing up for TiVo / Digital Video Recording (DVR), but now I don’t think I can live without it. I save a lot of time fast-forwarding through commercials and stupid parts of TV shows.The ability to skip segments that don’t interest me is similar to a hiring manager’s ability to skip resume sections — or bypass a resume completely. Here are a six tips to avoid this fate:

1. Be relevant.If the employer is looking to fill a specific job opening and your resume is all over the place with no clear objective, you will be skipped.

2. Avoid fluff. If you’re fluffing up your resume with clichés or bad lingo that doesn’t tell the hiring manager much about your abilities, you will be skipped.

3. Tell the truth. Hiring managers are on to the more than 50% of people who lie on their resumes. If you’re jacking up your qualifications and seem too good to be true, there’s a good chance you will be skipped.

4. Be brief. Monumental resumes that go on and on can be cumbersome to read. Avoid being skipped by keeping your resume short and to the point.

5. Engage your reader.Is your resume stuck in a bygone era with a self-centered objective, a focus on job duties, and a “references available upon request” line to end with a bang? If so, modernize your resume or you will be skipped.

6. Proofread. Typo after typo will get your resume skipped faster than anything. Attention spans are short, and resumes are plentiful. If you take the time to polish your resume, you will increase your chance of landing in the “save” pile.

All the best,
Kim Isaacs