Why Are We Here?

Job searching is hard work. You have to know where to look for jobs, write a dynamic resume, format an electronic resume, optimize your online persona (employers will Google you!), network effectively, charm your way to an interview, ace the interview, and seal the deal with a wonderful job offer.

All while dealing with various challenges, including age (“too old” or “too young”), job-hopping, unemployment, underemployment, impending layoff, changing careers, not enough skills, too many skills (AKA “overqualified”), and more. Plus, let’s not forget that competition for the best jobs is intense.

That’s why we’re here. We live, breathe, sleep, and yes — even dream — resumes. We take on the headache of one of the most confusing and misunderstood elements of the job search and make it a piece of cake for you. You don’t have to worry about whether or not to include a certain job or how to create a professional design that will stand out from the crowd. We will analyze every aspect of your background and create an outstanding resume that will make your jaw drop when you see yourself on paper.

Our Story

In 1995, Kim Isaacs, our director and company founder, wanted more than her 9-5 day job could provide. She wanted to be able to help people while being her own boss. One of her strongest skills was using computers. Her father, a brilliant engineer (his patents include the first wireless thermostat and the first wireless remote alarm), was years ahead of his time — even back in the 1970s, there was always a big, clunky computer on the dining room table. Kim was glued to the computer, teaching herself DOS commands, BASIC programming, and word processing (hello, WordPerfect!).

She excelled in word processing. Not only could she create unique content, but she was able to design beautiful documents. Soon, word spread and everyone knew to ask Kim for resume help. Sure enough, every single resume that she created led to job interviews.

Kim was determined to learn anything and everything there was to learn about resumes. She absorbed advice from industry professionals and got cozy in the “Careers” section of bookstores. In 1995, Advanced Career Systems was born — a business dedicated to helping people succeed in their careers. The business branched out into divisions, and ResumePower.com became focused on creating interview-generating resumes for clients worldwide. She hired the best resume writing talent and remained firm in her commitment to providing second-to-none customer service. The company has since helped thousands of satisfied clients across virtually every career field.

Your Story

About Us is generally, well, about us. But we’re really about you. We tell your story. We help you define your “brand” so that your resume gains traction in the job marketplace. And it is a marketplace — like a meat market, where the most attractive and strongest resumes survive. How strong is your resume? Could you be getting a better response if you marketed yourself better? Contact us today — and let your story be our next success story.

Our Stats

ResumePower was founded in 1995
ResumePower served over 5000 clients
ResumePower clients: 65% are managers and executives, 30% are professionals and 5% are students and new grads
46% of ResumePower clients are female and 75% of new business comes from refferrals