It’s all about strategy.

From concept to writing and design through final proofreading and delivery, ResumePower produces high-quality resumes that work hard for our clients. We determine the best way to present your skills and achievements so that hiring managers are compelled to invite you for interviews.

Each sample resume in our gallery represents many hours of work, including collaborating with our clients, researching industries, and writing and designing resumes that uniquely showcase our clients’ credentials.

  • Resume & Cover Letter Samples
  • Sample resume for an Oracle Database Administrator

    Oracle Database Administrator

  • Elementary School Teacher

    Elementary School Teacher

  • Salesperson


  • HR Generalist

    HR Generalist

  • Stockbroker


  • Sample resume for a Loss Prevention Manager

    Loss Prevention Manager

  • Motivational Speaker

    Motivational Speaker

  • Sample resume for an Executive Chef

    Executive Chef

  • Technology Executive

    Technology Executive

  • Sample resume for a Systems Analyst

    Systems Analyst

  • Sample resume for a HR Specialist

    HR Specialist

  • Network Administrator

    Network Administrator

  • Production Supervisor

    Production Supervisor

  • Sample resume for a Corporate Counsel

    Corporate Counsel

  • Cover Letter for an Elementary School Teacher

    Elementary School Teacher Cover Letter

  • TV Network Operations Manager

    TV Network Operations Manager