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Premium Resume Package


The Premium Resume Package is perfect if you are an active job seeker who likes to be prepared. Armed with a comprehensive portfolio of career documents, your job search will be a breeze.

The Premium Resume Package includes all of the following items:

  • Proprietary career survey: Completing our career survey is the first step in the resume-development process. Our survey will help you organize your career background, jog your memory about career accomplishments, and prepare you for job interviews. It's a thought-provoking exercise that every job seeker should complete.
  • Telephone consultation or customized email follow-up questions: After you return the career survey, we will set up a time to discuss your career accomplishments. If you're too busy or just prefer to collaborate via email, we can also send our follow-up questions via email. The more we know about your accomplishments, the better we can market you.
  • Development of a powerful resume: We'll spend many hours creating a resume that is designed to grab the attention of hiring managers. The resume will tell your unique story and differentiate you from the competition. We'll research your career field, make sure your resume includes important keywords, and develop solutions to any challenges you are facing (e.g., age discrimination, employment gaps, career shifts, job-hopping, etc.).
  • Three versions of your cover letter: You can choose the direction of your three letters, such as a response to job ads, letter geared to recruiters/headhunters, or a "cold" letter to employers for when there is no advertised opening. Cover letters are often skipped over by hiring managers, but when they are read, yours will be persuasive and personable.
  • LinkedIn® profile content: After the resume and cover letter are approved and finalized, we'll start developing content for your LinkedIn® profile. The Premium package includes content for your complete LinkedIn® profile--ready to copy and paste to LinkedIn®.
  • Professional reference list: You will receive a reference list that is beautifully designed, coordinates with your resume, and includes information about your references that will “sell” you to prospective employers.
  • ASCII (plain-text) files: Your resume and cover letters will be converted to plain-text format, suitable for posting to online forms or sending via email.
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)-friendly version: After your resume is finalized, we'll create a version that is optimized for ATS systems.
  • Interview thank-you note: We'll write a letter that highlights your key selling points and can be used as the "base" of your thank-you note, ready to be customized following a job interview.
  • Proofreading & review: Our goal is for you to LOVE your resume. We offer a generous 14-day window during which you can request unlimited revisions.
  • Files: You'll receive the MS Word and Adobe PDF files for all of your documents. The files are unlocked--you are free to use and edit as you please.

* Note: We are not affiliated, associated, endorsed, or supported by, or in any way connected with LinkedIn® Corporation or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. All LinkedIn® Corporation and product names are trademarks of LinkedIn®. We are, however, quite good at producing outstanding content that gives our clients a competitive edge on LinkedIn®.

95% of our business is derived from referrals and repeat clients. The only way to achieve this is to deliver exceptional quality, every time.

Our goal is simple: We want you to have highly targeted and branded documents that get noticed, get you interviews, and help get you hired. Let's get started!

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Premium Resume Package


I really didn't think you could impress me more, but you did! <Snip’s> resume is outstanding. In a world of deflated expectations in customer service and deliverables, you are the exception to the rule. Always quality and exceptional work exceeding all expectations of superior deliverables. A true "Class Act" as my generation puts it.

- B.K., Client’s Husband, Florida

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