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The longer the resume, the more qualified you are? Ask Abe for an honest answer!

The longer the resume, the more qualified you are? Ask Abe for an honest answer!

Click to see Abe's 2-page resumeLately I’ve been seeing more and more of what I call “resume books” — and I’m not referring to actual books on how to write a resume. I’m talking about resumes that are so long that they are venturing into book territory. I just reviewed a 7-pager, and this was not an academic CV. The job seeker wanted to put all of his experiences out there so that employers can see how much he has accomplished. Should these manifestos come with a Kindle version?

Since it’s President’s Day, I’m turning to Abe Lincoln to shed light on this issue. A few years ago, I developed a President’s Day feature for Monster that included Abe’s resume in Monster’s format, but I wanted to see how long his resume would be in Word format. Click here to view the PDF. Yes, two pages — with room to spare — did the trick. You would vote for him after reading this, right?

  • Yes, I fully agree with you!My Story re 1-Page resume…I was out of work for 3 months once and money was getting rather tight to say the least. My resume was ok and I had carefully targeted the job market but had zero response. So one day, in total desperation, I produced a 1-page resume and sent it to everyone I could think of.A few agencies told me it was useless because ALL employers wanted a FULL resume and not my 1 page document. But I held out, and said I would gladly show them my full resume… when they invited me for an interview. Within 2 weeks I had 3 interviews lined-up and eventually took one of the jobs.Just brilliant!Peter

  • Do hiring managers even read resumes that long? I know when I was in Human Resources in the past, nothing like that would have ever made it past the first screening. Even executive level resumes were kept at 2-3 pages. No one wants to read a person’s life history.Great post, by the way.Carla

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