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Your Resume in a Cloud

Your Resume in a Cloud

resumeincloudI’m getting more and more requests from clients who lost their resumes because their computers crashed. Of course, it’s no problem to re-send the files, but I wonder about job seekers who aren’t able to access their files and have to rebuild their documents from scratch. To prevent this extra work, I recommend regular system backups as well as off-site storage in case something happens to the local backup.

Now there’s no excuse — Amazon is making off-site storage easy by offering Amazon Cloud Drive and 5 GB of storage for free. You can upload your resume and other important files and access from any computer. Give it try and let me know how it works for you!

  • This is so true. I’ve heard so many horror stories of people losing all their info, and especially their resume. This economy and time isn’t the time to lose your precious resume.One of the best things I tell people that they could do is to put their resume online, onto a web page.A) It’s safe on another server not just on your computerB) Actually sending employers a link to your resume is a great way to get it noticed fast.Love the article Kim as usual.Randy

  • Losing critical data and documents when your system crashes are issues that don’t seem important until they happen. Multiple backups are recommended for the most important files and even programs. You can purchase data sticks or external hard drives for very little expense that should hold all of your critical files. Many internet providers like Comcast offer free back-up services that will do the trick for no cost. There are also a host of for-pay site on the internet such as Carbonite that are available.Nice post that draws attention to one of those issues no one thinks about until disaster strikes.Thanks!

  • Axanis

    I would suggest something like Microsoft’s Skydrive and Gmail Docs as well.

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